10 Stunning Unique Wedding Cake Designs

Unique Wedding Cake Designs

Anyone who’s been planning a wedding recently knows that naked cakes and drip cakes are having a moment. Naked cakes tie in with the trend for simple weddings, while drip cakes tend to add some fun to proceedings. And for the more traditional bride, classic satin-style wedding cakes will never go out of fashion. 

But while all these styles are beautiful, sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a little. If you’re looking for a statement cake to make your wedding stand out, these unique wedding cake designs are for you. Whatever your wedding style, it’s bound to be an amazing occasion – so let’s have fewer tears and more tiers on your big day!

  1. Hand Painted Cakes

hand painted wedding cake
Image & cake by Sweet Heather Anne.

Edible watercolour paints have started a trend for hand-painted cakes – and it’s easy to see why. The intricate design is spectacular without being showy, and sticks to a subtle colour palette, adding a touch of class to your wedding cake.

This unique cake doesn’t detract from the design with flowers or other embellishments, relying on the mural to wow you and your guests (which it definitely will).

It takes talent, nerve, and a steady hand to paint a cake, so it’s probably not for DIYers – unless you’re a natural artist, in which case this could be the ideal cake for you!


  1. Modern Art Style Cakes

grey marble wedding cake
Image & cake by Jasmine Rae Cakes.

If your wedding is less simple family affair, more glamorous event of the season, it’s important to choose a cake that reflects the grandeur of the occasion. This collection of unique wedding cakes by Jasmine Rae has an incredible signature style.

This cake is tall, statuesque, and doesn’t need embellishments to make a serious statement. With a sophisticated palette and a soft marble finish, it almost looks too pretty to eat. Still, while this cake looks like art, it tastes a lot better – so don’t be afraid to dig in.

  1. Whimsical Colourful Cakes

watercolor garden wedding cake
Image & cake by El Ciervo.

If modern art cakes are for sophisticated weddings, these resplendent wedding cakes are for high-end affairs that aren’t afraid to have a little fun.

Flamboyant, colourful, and full of flavour, these incredible unique wedding cake designs are sure to inspire your playful side.

Complete with exotic foliage and ornate frosting, each cake is a literal work of art. Choose from mermaid-esque styles, English garden-inspired looks, and even intergalactic space-themed cakes. All these styles will help your wedding go down in wedding cake history.

  1. Mismatched Tiers

tiered wedding cake
Image & cake by Storeybook Cakes

Lots of people choose different flavours for the various tiers in their wedding cakes – but only the brave choose to change up the external cake decor to match.

Mismatching tiers doesn’t have to mean throwing out the rulebook entirely – it’s a good idea to stay within your wedding colour scheme, at least.

But if you want a cake with a little more character (without breaking the bank), this unusual wedding cake style is a perfect choice.

  1. Hanging Cakes

hanging wedding cake
Image & cake by Gifted Heart Cakes.

Hanging cakes – also known as suspended cakes or upside down cakes (although not to be confused with pineapple upside down cake) – are a literal twist on your standard wedding cake. Carefully designed, decorated, and balanced, these cakes defy gravity to become a showstopping centrepiece.

They tend to be more modestly designed than right-way-up wedding cakes – too many embellishments can fall off, or knock the cake off balance – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make these cakes your own.

Discuss what you’re looking for with your cake maker, and they’ll be able to suggest some brilliant ideas to make your hanging cake your own.

  1. Pop Art Cake

pop art cake
Image & cake by Rachelles.

This cake is great for pop art lovers everywhere. Inspired by the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, it’s a great option for non-traditional couples who have abandoned the classic white wedding and are looking for something a little more subversive.

It won’t fit into every wedding, but if you’re going for a 1950s or 1960s theme, it’s a quirky choice that’ll tie your whole wedding together.

Feel free to discuss changing up the speech bubble text with your wedding cake designer.

  1. Invisible Tiers

invisable wedding cake
Image & cake by Storeybook Cakes.

This elegant cake offers a stunning twist on the current rose gold and copper trend. It uses a transparent copper box to create an almost invisible tier, which adds height and dramatic flair to the cake.

It ties in perfectly with the square cake tiers and chic peonies to offer a modern look, and a fabulous unique cake design.

This cake is easy to modify based on your wedding colour scheme – you could even switch out the copper box for a silver one, if that fits your palette.  Either way, these are stunning and eye-catching designs.

  1. Skyscraper Cakes

skyscrapper cake
Image & cake by Little Button Bakery.

You’ve got the heels – now get the cake to match. These multi-tier cakes are a great way to make a statement. They’ll tower over the rest of your dessert table like a city skyscraper.

Getting cakes of this stature to your venue can be tricky, so you’ll have to discuss the practicalities with your cake designer (and it’s definitely not one to DIY, unless you have a courier on call).

But there’s no denying that these cakes make a big impact – and you can be sure there will definitely be more than enough to go around.

  1. Bold Wedding Cakes

Deep Navy Ruffles wedding cake
Image & cake by Sugared Saffron.

Go bold, bright and beautiful with a frosted cake in your favourite shade. Traditional wedding cakes use a neutral base colour, and select shades from your wedding palette to accent the cake.

It’s demure, but it doesn’t scream personality. To make your wedding cake match your character, go all out with a wedding cake in a totally non-traditional shade.

This navy cake looks fabulous, but you can choose a shade from your colour scheme to make your cake fit your wedding.


  1. Cheese Wedding Cakes

cheese wedding cake
Image & cake by The Cheese Shed.

The cheese wedding cake is already a popular choice, but it’s worth including here because it’s one of the only alternative wedding cake options for savoury-toothed couples.

Cheese is a natural after-dinner choice, so your guests definitely won’t complain when you serve up a mountain of cheese instead of a classic wedding cake.

Plus, lots of specialist cheese companies will dress up your cheese tiers like a wedding cake, including flowers, fruit and foliage, so it really looks the part.

Choosing your wedding cake is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding. From consultations to tastings to picking your favourite designs on Pinterest, choosing a unique wedding cake design is a way of putting your own stamp on your day. Plus, it’s going to be the centre of attention when it’s time to cut the cake – so make sure it’s one to remember.

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