10 Unique Wedding Reception Activities Your Guests Will Love

10 Unique Wedding Reception Activities Your Guests Will Love

Your ceremony is sure to be beautiful, and there’s no doubt it’ll linger in your memory for a very long time. But for most wedding guests, the true excitement of a wedding lies in the reception – when they can drink, dance, and make merry to their hearts’ content. So whether you’re having a grand affair with no expense spared, or a small, more intimate gathering, your reception should live long in your guests’ memories. Here are our favourite unique wedding reception activities that are guaranteed to make your guests grin.

  1. Ferris Wheel

If a low-key wedding just isn’t you, it’s time to bring the fun of the fair to your big day. Ferris wheels aren’t cheap, and they aren’t exactly elegant – but they’re sure to make a statement. For a grand gesture that will go down well with all your guests, from the little ones to the grandparents, hiring a ferris wheel is a fab idea. You’ll need to check your venue can accommodate this kind of activity – but if they can, and it fits your budget, go for broke with a fabulous fairground ride.

  1. Hot Chocolate Bar

At autumn and winter weddings in particular, your guests will go crazy for a hot chocolate bar. Fill urns with luxurious hot chocolate and supply marshmallows, whipped cream, flakes and other delicious chocolatey treats for a cosy, comforting mid-wedding flourish. For an extra creative touch, buy personalised mugs that your guests can save as a keepsake from the day. It’s a great touch that grandparents in particular are sure to love.

wedding disco

  1. Silent Disco

Nearly all weddings incorporate some kind of disco for the evening do – so for a unique twist on a fun tradition, choose a silent disco! Hand out headphones, and let your guests choose their own tracks to dance along to. That way there’s no excuse for anyone to leave the dancefloor. It’s also a great option if your venue has a strict noise level policy. Lots of companies offer silent disco services for hire, so check out options near your venue.

  1. Gaming Arena

Incorporate your love of gaming into your wedding by hooking up a designated gaming area at your wedding. Choose the types of games you want to set up – board games work really well, as do casino style games like poker or blackjack. Retro video games are also a fantastic option – a dance mat battle is always going to go down well at any event. You can either set up your own consoles, or hire arcade games from a specialist supplier.

  1. Grazing Tables

Nobody wants to go hungry at a wedding – so make sure your guests are fully fed by providing delicious grazing tables throughout the day. Grazing tables can consist of cheese boards, dessert tables, fruit platters, chocolate fountains, or other (preferably non-refrigerated) buffet-style foods. Offering too many can be expensive, and may create unnecessary waste – plus, you don’t want everyone being so stuffed they don’t eat their dinner. So it’s a good idea to choose a simple yet satisfying grazing table that’s sure to go down a treat with your guests.

  1. Kids’ Activities

Keep the little ones occupied with a kids’ activity station, consisting of colouring books, pencils, crayons, bubble blowers and stickers. It’ll give them the opportunity to meet other kids at the wedding – and stay out of mischief. For older kids, you could also supply activity books or plan scavenger hunts – it’s a great way to make sure the youngsters have fun at your wedding, as well as the grown-ups.

  1. Wedding Creche

If there’s going to be a fair few children at your wedding, it’s a great idea to set up a wedding creche. Set aside a quiet room where kids can go to take a nap or have some quiet time. Hire a childminder to stay in the room and look after them while they’re taking some time out. Make sure all the parents know the room is available, and that it’s easy to access, so parents can check in on their youngsters, too.

wedding reception games jenga

  1. Jenga with a twist

Games are a great way for guests to pass the time while you are doing your photographs. One unique option is to have Jenga as your guest book. This means people can write their messages on the bricks as well as play which is a brilliant keepsake for the future.

  1. Pinata

Make it rain candy with a super fun wedding pinata! You can get pinatas in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from your initials to huge love hearts – so it’s a great way to add some simple extra entertainment to your wedding. You and your partner can take turns swinging at the pinata, or you can get your guests involved, too. Pinatas are especially fun for spring and summer weddings, when you can hang the pinata from a branch or pole outdoors and have at it.

  1. Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles are great fun for kids and adults alike. Don’t worry – you don’t need to hire a huge yellow summer fete style bouncy castle that’ll mess with your colour scheme. Specialist white wedding bouncy castles are available for hire, which you can also decorate with (non-thorny) flowers and balloons. Bouncy castles provide great photo opportunities, too – so make sure your photographer gets some great snaps of you and your guests mid-bounce.

We hope these have given you some inspiration, and there are other ideas like mid-ceremony shots. This one’s not strictly reception-related, but it’s so fun we couldn’t resist mentioning it. If your officiant and venue allow it, offer your guests the opportunity to toast your wedding with a mid-ceremony shot.

Take the time of your ceremony into consideration – not everyone will be up for doing shots at 10am. But if you’re tying the knot in the afternoon – or your wedding guests are a rowdy crowd – it’s a unique way to celebrate your newfound nuptials.

Once the nerves of the ceremony are out the way, it’s time to take a load off and have some fun! Make sure you and your guests have a day to remember with these fab ideas. Find more fun, elegant wedding reception ideas here.



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