10 Wedding Venue Must Haves

Choosing the right venue with all the amenities and perfect scenery is perhaps the most important decision you have to take during the entire wedding planning phase. According to surveys, a wedding venue is also the most expensive splurge out of all the different components that go into a perfect wedding.

You can definitely save when getting married here and there on your dress, photography and décor. But an astounding venue, if chosen correctly, can blur out the other imperfections. 

Follow our guide on what your wedding venue must haves to give you a day to remember as bride and groom.

  1. Make sure it ticks all the boxes

The best wedding venues have to accommodate all of the special occasions for the wedding day. From walking down the aisle, tossing the bouquet, the first dance, the bridal party and wedding guest photo’s, and the wedding cake pride and place. All of these moments will be captured on film so it’s best to visualise where they can be done to avoid disappointment later down the line.

When seeing venues, ask for a tour and also look at real weddings that have taken place there for inspiration. Wedding photo’s from previous nuptials may be available which can fire up the imagination.

  1. Don’t Compromise On The Space

The last thing you want on your wedding day is a hall full of stacked tables, chairs and flowers giving you a crowded appeal. When looking for the ideal venue, make sure you look for options that are more spacious and elaborate, unless your wedding list is really small. To get a correct estimation of the actual size of the hall, visit the property during another wedding with all the amenities already stacked up inside. 

The number of guests is crucial here, so hopefully, you have a rough figure in mind as the venue needs to match. Overcrowding is one thing, but under crowding will leave the day looking sparse.

wedding venue dance floor

  1. Budget

As we’ve mentioned, the venue is usually the biggest outlay of your wedding day. Our survey completed by 4561 brides earlier in 2021 showed the average wedding in 2020 to cost £24,435, but bear in mind this was heavily influenced by guest restrictions. With cancellations and short notice not taken into account, the average wedding venue cost was £3698.

If you plan to get married in 2022, you may find that the venues have increased prices to recoup lost monies so this needs to be budgeted for. We always suggest that the venue is the first thing booked and the date saved for the guests.

  1. Privacy

While privacy can vary widely according to the venue you are looking for, if you’re going with an exotic beach location or a public hotspot for your wedding, be prepared for strangers to trek past your wedding, they may smile or offer their wishes to you as newlyweds. If you don’t like the idea, then perhaps stick to gated communities, private estates or hotel ballrooms.

  1. A View You Like

If you’re splurging thousands of pounds on this dream venue of yours, why not opt for the views you love. Remember that the views will serve as a backdrop to all the main events happening there. It will also act as the perfect background for the nuptials and wedding portraits, so whether it’s the gorgeous skyline, a stunning water feature, breathtaking forest views or astounding artistic galleries, make sure you find the one that’s worth the investment. if you want skyline views, a wedding venue in London will provide those iconic views for a memorable day (and photographs!)

  1. Fully Equipped Staff

As we all know, the actual wedding day is indeed a stressful one. We all want everything to go as planned, and what’s better than having a well-equipped and professional staff at your service at the venue at all times. Whether it’s time to dim the lights, turn the music up or serve dinner to the guests, you need to make sure that there is a dedicated team of staff members on their toes to help make the night special and memorable.

  1. Flooring Option

If you’re slightly short on budget and want real wooden floorings without the high costs, try asking the venue owners for any laminate flooring. Laminated floorings are a composite made of synthetic woods with a lamination process and provide much more advantage than the actual hardwood floorings. It also has a protective clear coating that makes the floorings non-porous and water-resistant. Plus, it makes a great dance floor for the first dance as husband and wife!

  1. Plan B

Let’s be realistic, a UK wedding needs a wet weather plan. On your special day, there will be many things you can’t control, and none is more destructive than heavy rain if you plan outdoor activities. It’s wise to be prudent and be prepared, so any change on the day is seamless. Ideally, you’d do this with your photographer to ensure those pictures are still epic.

bride stuggling to get to venue to show Wedding Venue Must Haves
accessibility is one of the key wedding venue must haves
  1. Location and accessibility

What may seem the perfect wedding venue might not be if the logistics are wrong. Day guests will need to be able to easily get there on time, on proper roads, with parking and easy walking in heels. Any evening reception needs to consider transport without driving, and you can offset this with hiring minibuses if needed. Ultimately while the most picturesque venues may be off the beaten track, phone signal and access routes are to be ignored at your peril. Unless of course, you want to arrive at your venue on piggyback to keep the dress clean.

  1. Availability

Hopefully, you have consulted key members of your wedding party to know when the essential people are free and have dates in mind to get married. The tough part is then finding a date the venue is available. While prices are often cheaper on weekdays, do consider that some people will find this harder to attend.

Saturday is the preferred day for weddings. Most people are off work/school that day and the following for any sore heads. But crucially it also gives you the Friday night for the rehearsal dinner to meet up with family and friends the evening before, which is worth doing as the day flies by in a flash.

These are by no means the only things for your wedding day checklist, just some key points to consider when you start your search for the best wedding venue in your area.



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