5 Fantastic Ethical Wedding Gift Ideas You Should Consider   

Every wedding is unique since couples have different needs and preferences. This is also the same when it comes to receiving wedding gifts. While some couples would come up with a registry for all essential things to help them start a new life together, others will not request any gift in particular. But whether the couples have asked a gift or not, it has been the norm for wedding guests to offer something for the bride and groom.

If you’re going to attend an eco-friendly wedding soon and you have no idea what gift to give to the newlyweds, why don’t you consider giving ethical or sustainable gifts? Whether it’s a houseplant, vintage jewellery, or a new pet, here are five fantastic ethical wedding gift ideas to consider.

ethical wedding gift ideas

  1. Give Plants for the House

Houseplants are a great wedding gift to give especially for couples who have a green thumb. Unlike cut flowers that will only last for a couple of days, houseplants will last for a long time, depending on the variety. Due to their longevity, these plants will serve as a wonderful reminder of the wedding day, which is a special day for the couple. They will also remember you each time they see the plant.

Aside from being sustainable, houseplants provide several other benefits. It can keep the couple’s new home fresh and healthy by purifying the indoor air. Thus, giving houseplants could also mean that you’re giving the couple a gift of better sleep, and a healthier and cleaner living environment. Some of the best varieties of houseplants to give as wedding gifts are Peace Lily, Red anthuriums, and chrysanthemums.


  1. Give an Experience

Unwrapping piles of presents after the wedding day can be an exciting experience for any couple. But the thrill will soon fade away once all gifts have been unwrapped. So if you want to give the couple something that they can remember for the rest of their lives, consider giving experiences instead.

When giving experiences as gifts, consider the interests of the newlyweds. If the couples love adventures, give them gift vouchers that they can use for thrilling activities, such as skydiving. Most companies that offer skydiving experiences would sell gift vouchers with an open date, which allows the recipient to choose the date they wish to avail the activity.

Another unique but memorable gift to give the newlyweds is a National Trust Membership. By purchasing a gift membership, you are also helping the organization in their cause, something that the couples will truly appreciate. The membership will entitle couples free entry to hundreds of special places, free parking at car parks, a handbook, magazine subscription, and more.

  1. Give Vintage Jewellery

A vintage or pre-owned piece of jewellery is a perfect example of an ethical or sustainable wedding gift. Commercial mining methods used for producing new pieces of jewellery have significantly destroyed our environment. By buying antique and vintage jewellery to give as a wedding gift, you are doing your share of protecting the environment by minimizing the need to mine precious metals and gemstones to produce new jewellery items.

So where can you shop for vintage jewellery items these days? First, find out if there are any flea markets and yard sales in your area. These are the best places to hunt for affordable but unique pre-owned jewellery items. What’s great about shopping at these places is that you can bargain the price. If you can’t find a suitable piece of jewellery to give as wedding gifts from these places, visit an antique shop instead. Here, you will find stunning jewellery heirloom that will surely delight both bride and groom. Lastly, check out online jewellery stores and those websites that allow people to buy and sell vintage stuff.


  1. Adopt an Animal in Need

If the newlyweds are animal lovers, the best way to surprise them on their wedding day is to adopt and save an endangered animal on their behalf! This is a truly unique gift and is guaranteed to impress the newlyweds. By adopting an animal for the couple, you are helping to protect precious habitats and endangered species that are very likely to go extinct soon. This is a truly ethical way of giving gifts and a wonderful opportunity to share your passion for wildlife that could also inspire the couple to do the same for other people.

There are many organizations that offer the gift of animal adoption. For instance, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) will give you an option to choose from a wide range of animals to adopt, from tigers, gorillas, jaguars, orangutans, snow leopards, and more. Adopting is pretty easy. You just go to their website, choose the animal that you wish to adopt, select the monthly amount, and make a payment. An adoption certificate will be given to you, which you can then put in a frame and give to the newlyweds as a gift.

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  1. Put Towards the Honeymoon

The honeymoon is one of the most awaited events in the life of the newlyweds. But after spending tons of money for the wedding, some couples would prefer to forego it. So if you want to help ease the couple’s financial burden, offer to pay for their honeymoon instead! This is such a great gesture, something that the couples will truly treasure for the rest of their lives.

You do not need to give them extravagant honeymoon packages. There are plenty of affordable UK honeymoon packages that will not require leaving the country. This is especially suitable now that we are in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic where travelling abroad can pose lots of challenges.

There are lots of amazing minimoon packages within the UK that includes a visit to some of the country’s most romantic destinations. From the breathtaking landscapes of Wales to luxury bespoke trips to Scotland to the pretty villages of Cotswolds and the beaches in Devon and Cornwall, the UK offers plenty of options for a truly romantic minimoon vacation.

Of course, you can extend the ethical ideas into wedding anniversary gifts for years to come.


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