7 Frugal Tips to Slash Your Wedding Expenses

A typical wedding isn’t cheap, with the average cost increasing every year! If you want to dramatically slash your wedding expenses without sacrificing a dreamy wedding day, read these frugal tips from StrictlyWeddings.com below.

Thrifty Wedding Venue

Choose one of several thrifty wedding venues that will save you big bucks over pricey alternatives. Many public parks, church buildings, and beaches charge little to nothing to reserve their space for your wedding day. Also, consider hosting your wedding in a lovely garden at the home of a friend or relative. This may be easier to do if you have your legal ceremony before your celebration as then you won’t need to worry about marriage licencing.

Wedding Dress Replacement

Instead of forking out tons of cash for a wedding dress that’s worn once, consider a practical, economical replacement. For example, purchase a gorgeous dress, floor-length dress, or elegant pants suit that you can wear on multiple occasions. Dress up your new bridal attire with a sparkling tiara, snazzy shoes, and complementary jewellery.

plastic flowers for wedding bouquet
Pink artificial peonies can be cheaper and not wilt

Low-Cost Flowers

Replace expensive real flowers for your wedding-related needs with budget-friendly faux substitutes. You can purchase pre-made silk arrangements, such as the bride’s bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres, bridesmaid bouquets, and venue decorations for a fraction of the cost of real florals. Also, you can buy your arrangements well in advance of your wedding day without them wilting.

Economical Decorations

Slash your wedding decor budget by swapping out costly decorations for cost-conscious substitutes. For instance, tie affordable silk ribbons around the backs of chairs and rent your candelabras and garden arches instead of buying them. Purchase low-cost, disposable tablecloths, plates, silverware, serving pieces, and cups for all your reception needs. Create lovely, simple centrepieces for tables with simple white candles and glass hurricane vases.

Wedding Cake Replacements

You can spend several hundred dollars on a traditional tiered wedding cake and that’s a lot of dough. Instead, choose gourmet cupcakes, strawberry cheesecakes, decorated cookies, or cherry tortes as delicious alternatives. You can even purchase a small, single-layer wedding cake for the bride and groom in addition to the cost-friendly sweet treats for your guests.

Budget-Friendly Photography

Hiring a professional photographer to take your wedding pictures can rapidly increase your wedding expenses. There are viable ways to get beautiful snapshots without spending a fortune. For example, hire a friend or family member who is an avid photographer to do the job for a small fee. Or search out a college student working on a photography degree that would love to assist you while honing their photo skills.

Traditional Reception Alternatives

Traditional wedding reception dinners that are catered by a restaurant can cost you hundreds if not a few thousand pounds. Economical reception alternatives that won’t drain your bank account and your guests will love include homestyle barbecues, ice cream sundae bars, finger sandwiches, or a chocolate fountain. Also, consider meat, cheese, fruit, and vegetable trays to delight your guests.

Don’t allow the costs of a pricey wedding to leave you penniless. You can enjoy a chic, high-quality wedding without spending a small fortune. Review the seven frugal tips in the above paragraphs to drastically slash your wedding-related expenses.