A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

Wedding planning for anyone can be stressful but for a man, new levels of stress and anxiety can creep up during the planning stages. There are so many ways to mess up, from forgetting to purchase a wedding present for your fiancée to asking the groom if the suit rental has included the cummerbund. As a guy, you can’t be blamed if you want to miss out on the whole occasion altogether. Every wedding has a budget, so the more you do together, the more you save.

There can be Groomzillas and men who leave the majority of planning to their other half, which is a shame as there are many jobs that you might be interested in organising which will help de-stress your ladylove. And of course, the day is about you as a couple, so is it nice to have your personal stamp on a few things.

It’s also worth noting that before the bride walks down the aisle there will be you and all the guests waiting. The bride’s mind will be on her getting ready and what she is doing, at the very minimum the Groom should set up this playlist.

Here are ten other great things you can do to help out:

1. Build a wedding website

This is a great way to establish your involvement in the wedding planning while providing a way for your guests to RSVP, learn the finer details of the wedding, get directions and more. You would naturally become more invested in your wedding on a different level due to the time spent creating a website for your special day.

groom ready to get married

2. Change up your suit style

Managing the suits for the Wedding Party is a standard Groom job once the colour schemes have been agreed upon. While it’s likely the Bride will want a say in style, measuring and collecting is not something the bride needs to be present for.

Of course on the day, all eyes will be on your beautiful bride but you can definitely turn some heads with a unique non-traditional suit that matches your personality. For example, maybe your wedding took place at a dock-side venue surrounded by sailboats and yachts.

You could easily step away from the traditional black tux, black tie and white shirt and change the suit design that matches a nautical theme. Discuss this with your bride-to-be and see what ideas you can come up with that suits the theme of the wedding. Of course, this should be done with the blessing of the Bride and we wholeheartedly advise to not do a surprise outfit on the day unless you want to see tears.

3. Watch a few wedding reality shows

Show some interest in the wedding-judging or dress-picking shows that your bride-to-be loves to watch. You never know, you may become heavily invested in the shows. You and your fiance could relax, make some popcorn to see what wedding dress styles you both like. It could potentially be a lot of fun for you.

4. Take charge of projects that interest you

Maybe your geeky kid at heart and would like to work on constructing a unique table out of lego or maybe you have some carpentry skills and can whittle place cards out of wood. or maybe, just maybe you’re the manliest of men and have a knack for creating bathroom gift baskets. Whatever you feel interested in, take charge of that part of the planning process.

5. Exercise the left and right sides of your brain

The expenses can get out of control quickly if you don’t watch your budget closely but a perfect way to stay involved and active in the wedding planning process is to highlight a preliminary budget and constantly see where you can cut costs for each item. You will definitely be kept busy with research, bargain hunting, haggling and shopping which will help give your other half her dream wedding for less money.

6. Choosing the right wedding registry for you

It can a long task for all men to walk around John Lewis with a price gun, gathering info for dull spice racks and pillows all day. The bad part of this experience is the collection of an unimaginative wedding registry that doesn’t get you excited. You can do better with services like zankyou.com which allows you to put items from anywhere onto the registry. There is also a new registry movement that allows a young couple to start a business, visit a dream honeymoon location or purchase a house instead of receiving useless fruit bowls and toasters. Your family and friends can contribute towards your goals and real-life experiences that mean more to you as a couple than a new kettle.

7. All about the music

Music is one of the main things when it comes to the wedding reception. The tunes you put out will be the driving force of your evening. The music blaring out from the speakers can affect the ambience, flow, mood and atmosphere of the room. The wedding planning process gives you the freedom to go catch live sets of potential bands, DJs and performers which will help you and your fiance relax during parts of the wedding planning process, all in the name of research, obviously.

8. Unleash the inner foodie

With all that wedding planning, you sure will be building up an appetite. Of course, there will be plenty of occasions where you will be able to sample a wide variety of bakers and chefs – all competing for your wedding. Take your time before making a decision and make sure that you take advantage to stuff your face with everything they hand you. A reminder of how lucky you are to be planning your wedding.

stag party

9. The boys re-united

One job that is yours alone is choosing your best man and groomsmen, although don’t be surprised to see your fiancée to have strong feelings about everyone involved in your big day.

As your wedding draws near, it will be hard not to get excited about your crew coming back together for your special day. Some of your friends may have stayed close, others haven’t talked for ages but when your wedding day arrives your lads will be by your side as if no time has passed.

Make sure you cherish that moment as those moments don’t come along often as we get older. Pre-wedding is a great time to catch up and bond, as after the vows your bride will rightly expect your attention on her. After all, your stag-do is the best time for the bromance.

10. You’re marrying your dream girl

You may be looking forward to tying the knot but it doesn’t even come close to your bride’s excitement for the wedding. Take a lot of pride that you’re making her wedding vision come true. She has been picturing this day since she was a little girl and it’s your duty to make it a very special day for her. It is a stressful but rewarding planning process that you will never be able to recreate.

What is the grooms wedding planning responsibilities?
  • Build a wedding site if required
  • Handle the guest list with your bride-to-be
  • Select a wedding venue with the bride-to-be
  • Sort out the roles and responsibilities for the groomsmen
  • Choose what type of music you want at your wedding
  • Write out and practice your vows
  • Take charge of the rehearsal dinner
  • Plan your honeymoon
What does the groom have to pay for?
Generally, the groom covers the cost of the register office/church expenses,  wedding rings, own wedding clothing (suits or tuxedos), transport (wedding cars), brides bouquet and thank your presents for the best man, ushers and bridemaids. However, every family will make their own arrangements on who will pay for what.


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