Bridal Emergency Kit

bridal emergency kit

You can do all the planning in the world but when the day comes you absolutely need to hand over the practical things to your trusted team and focus on looking and feeling fantastic. But what things should you have in your bridal emergency kit for just this purpose?

This emergency kit can make the last few hours of your wedding much less stressful. If you’ve planned ahead and made sure every little thing is taken care of (which you’d better have done), it’s all about making yourself feel relaxed, calm, and beautiful leading up to taking your vows.

I recommend having this kit packed in a convenient bag/purse that you can easily carry around with you from place to place on your wedding day.

Bridal Emergency Kit

Bridal Emergency Kit Must-Haves:

Safety pins – yes clothing sadly does rip & tear from time to time and it’s amazing what a safety pin can redeem. These can also be handy if you need to adjust your wedding dress.

Mini deodorant or perfume – for a quick freshen up on a hot day or unexpected perspiration from nerves.

Nail scissors – in case of “caught” nails and good for removing labels and tags which often stay in dresses and accessories until the last minute

Chewing gum/mints – for a mouth freshener at any time of the day. These are a wonderful if any dry-throat nerves, particularly during the hectic morning hours.

Tissues –in case you need to wipe off excess lip gloss or face powder or remove any lint from your dress or suit. Then of course, you can do a quick freshen up if required.

Water – make sure you have access to a drink of water until just before the ceremony or just after. In particular, if you’re travelling by car, ensure that the cars have a little bottle of water for you.

Nail polish/Glue and remover – in case your nails have chipped and you need to touch them up or remove any polish on your ring before the ceremony. It’s also a good idea to take along a spare set of rings if you need to change them. The glue is good for repairing a broken nail or for any broken accessories or jewellery.

Hairbands – if your hair is particularly long or curly, these can be handy for holding back the wayward pieces during the ceremony and photos.

Hair elastics & hairpins – great to have as a back-up if you’re doing your own hair and need to pin back pieces, leave out bangs or just keep the hair tidy. Also good for strapless dresses.

Blow dryer & brush – making sure your hair is ready to go at all times is always a good idea. This takes a bit of the pressure off when it’s time for you to get ready and there’s less stress on everyone else too. A quick blow dry and brush can do the job in seconds! You might want a comb or brush for a quick “hair tidy” if required and to make sure your flower crown or piece is in order.

Make-up remover & cotton pads – make sure your make-up is perfect. No one likes a bride whose mascara has smudged during the ceremony and photos! These essential items can also be used to remove any excess glue or adhesive from any jewellery.

Band-Aids – because accidents do happen and you want to be prepared for any blisters or grazes on your day. The sticky side can also be used to remove any lint from clothing, shoes etc.

Hair elastics & hairpins – great to have as a back-up if you’re doing your own hair and need to pin back pieces, leave out bangs or just keep the hair tidy. Also good for strapless dresses.

Vaseline or baby oil – for softening rough skin around the nails and to prevent any chaffing on the wedding day.

Credit card &/or foldable currency and smaller notes – always good to have a card on you if you need to make an emergency purchase or buy something for someone else. It’s also handy for buying little treats for your bridesmaids.

And one to leave behind or delegate out: your mobile. You absolutely don’t want those calls about late or lost guests. Ensure they have somebody else to call on your wedding day!


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