Bright and Colourful Ideas for a Spring Wedding

Spring is a colourful time of the year; the tender green leaves sparkle in crisp sunshine. New blooms fill the air with a lovely fragrance, and people are looking for ways to spend time outdoors. Spring is a great time to plan a wedding, be it indoor or outdoor. And with budget-friendly options, it’s worth considering so here are some ideas for a Spring Wedding.

Unless either of you has pollen or spring allergy, you can easily choose an outdoor wedding venue such as a garden. You can also choose a venue in the countryside for a complete spring themed wedding. The lighting is perfect for taking countless pictures of the ceremony. The evenings are still cool and breezy, just right for a nice and warm wedding dinner followed by some slow dancing.

You can already see it happening, can’t you? Let’s not wait any longer then. Take a look at the following ideas for a spring wedding and see how many of these you would like to use. Also, we’ve thrown in a few tips and pointers you will need to consider so that the event goes according to plan.

Ideas for a spring wedding idea


The best part of weddings is the use of colours (at least for us). And spring is so full of subtle and soft shades, they make our hearts go warm and gooey with love. That doesn’t mean you have to follow the same theme. If the background is all pastels, it’s up to you to add some brightness to it. Don’t be afraid to use bold colours like hot pink, bright blue, pumpkin orange, or deep red. Purple and dark green are equally attractive. Make use of the season’s flowers in every part of the wedding. That’s the biggest advantage of a spring wedding, you get so many flowers to choose from! All bursting with colour to generate those spring wedding ideas.

Ideas for a Spring Wedding Venue

Spring weddings can be arranged both indoors and outdoors. However, considering the unpredictable weather conditions in the UK, you might want a place with some sort of roof/ shelter or a marquee in case there is a light shower. Just make sure the outdoor venue has a hall nearby where you can organize lunch/ dinner and provide an area for guests to protect themselves from the sun or rain. Alternatively, you can include umbrellas as a part of the decorations and can be used when required. Cool, right?

For an indoor wedding, make sure the place has proper ventilation and is airy and bright. Bring the cheerful aura of spring into the hall and transform it into a magical place. You can also opt for low-key and small budget weddings by getting married in a lively pub. If the pub has a countryside appeal to it, you’ve got it all.

Spring wedding venue

Food and Drinks

You can go for individual tables or have a long dinner table for the family to sit together. Long tables are informal and cosier. Individual tables are magical and picturesque. Use white, cream, soft pink, pale lavender, etc. to decorate the tables. For a more rustic feel, use wood tables with simple cutlery and matching flowers. You can make the setting more grandiose by adding an ornate chandelier at the top. Go for paper lanterns for a sophisticated look.

Yummy canapés, scones, colourful cocktails, flavourful Pimm’s, fresh greens artistically arranged on the plates, and cheesecakes (with meringues) make great choices for food and drink. Keep it light and full of fresh flavours. Source local produce for extra freshness. Dinners can be causal with some smoked and barbequed choices. Set up a self-service bar for guests to quench their thirst.


Let the guests explore the place and have fun taking pictures or hunting Easter eggs. Arrange for photo booths, organise Easter egg hunts (for adults and kids), send them on an umbrella-finding mission, etc. Get a live band to play some peppy music during the evening/ night. Spring season is very Instagram-friendly, and that alone is enough to keep the guests occupied. Who doesn’t want to fill their Instagram profile with some breathtaking pictures?

Wedding Dress

When it comes to the wedding dress, white and pastels are the best choice. Let colours play around in the setting while you gracefully walk in softer shades. Intricate lace patterns add to the elegance of spring. Unlike winter dresses, spring dresses will require fewer layers. You can add colour to your attire by using a flower crown for your hair or holding a bunch of bright tulips or roses. Make sure that the bridesmaids also get to wear something light and easy. Sleeveless, off-shoulders, slim waist gowns, etc. paired with a wrap will be comfortable and beautiful. Unless you want a fully traditional wedding gown, go ahead and experiment with narrow cuts and shorter trains.

Spring Wedding flowers

Spring wedding ideas for Flowers and Decorations

Decorations in a spring wedding can be artsy, simple, enchanting, or overwhelming. And you can get any effect just by using Spring flowers. Why do you even need anything else when flowers are found in abundance? Decorate the entrance arch with flower garlands. Place a small bunch of flowers on dining tables, beside the aisles, near the doors, on the walls, or even wind a garland around the staircase.

Place a cute outdoor sign (blackboard with handwritten message works the best) and decorate it with soft coloured flowers. If you can find cherry blossom trees, don’t even hesitate to use them. Nothing says spring like cherry blossom, and moreover, the intoxicating scent sets a perfect stage for the wedding.


Is there anything we haven’t talked about yet? Oh, yes, the wedding cake. Fondant cakes with a mix of traditional and modern designs would be a lovely option. Simple white cakes with borders, flowers, and cake toppers in shades of pink, yellow, orange, and red will immediately grab attention without being too dominant. Cookies and cupcakes with pastel-coloured piping can be used as table decorators.

You can try unique return gift ideas such as small bottles of organic honey (locally sourced), packets of seeds, small boxes of candies, or even a cone of cotton candy for the kids are good options to consider. Your spring wedding is going to be absolutely amazing.

Cheaper than Summer Weddings, Spring is a season with plenty to offer.



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