Cheerful and Cosy Ideas for Winter Weddings

Imagine saying ‘I do’ as the fireplace warms the room, and the snow covers the earth on the outside. Isn’t it a perfect combination of reality and fantasy? Winter nuptials are becoming quite popular in the UK in recent times so many are searching for inspirational ideas for winter weddings.

Couples love getting good discounts from venues and also make their dream wedding come true even as people snuggle into their furry coats and warm their hands at the fireplaces. Arguably more romantic than an autumn wedding, winter has a lot to offer with bargain out of season venue hire.

Even without the current Covid 19 restrictions, the wedding party can be limited to family and friends. The couple can choose a smaller venue and have a relaxed wedding. There is no fear of sweating through the layers or ruining the makeup.

But planning a winter wedding requires more thought. Every tiny detail has to be double-checked. The events have to be spaced out to allow delays. And most importantly – choosing the right wedding date crucial to avoid last-minute confusions and cancellations!

The month of December, especially the days closer to Christmas, should be avoided. Families make plans in advance and may not be able to attend your wedding. Unless you want a really private event, it is suggested to fix the wedding date in January. You’ll have snow, you’ll have cheap wedding venues, you’ll have rich traditional food, and you’ll have a cosy and beautiful wedding in the winter season.

What else do you need to consider a winter wedding? What kind of themes can you opt for? How do you plan the rest of the details? What can make your winter wedding memorable for your guests? Read along.

Ideas for Winter Weddings

Ideas for Winter Weddings Themes

Let the magic of winter wave its wand to create a setting that’s no less than a fairytale. Just because we’ve mentioned small scale weddings earlier doesn’t mean you can’t have a grand event for your wedding if restrictions allow. The size of the guest list undoubtedly is your choice. You can book an inn or two in the country and have a lavish event.

The only thing you can’t have in winter weddings is an entirely outdoor event. You can still get some mesmerising pictures taken with the snow in the backdrop. Go for the Christmas theme with white, red, and green dominating the setting. Or try some more earthy by picking up browns, maroons, and mahogany shades as a stark contrast to the pristine white snow. You can have open fires, informal wedding feasts, and a lot of candles and lights.


Pub weddings are being preferred in winters by most couples. The laidback setting allows the couple, the families, and the guests to relax and have fun. It suits the holiday season perfectly.

However, you can choose other venues that have sufficient space and lighting to go with your theme. Remember that it gets dark soon. You and your guests shouldn’t have trouble navigating through the venue during the dark.

The best way to finalise a location would be to visit it at night. See how the place looks when it’s decked up in golden and sparkling lights. Unless you are opting for the gothic theme, the venue should look inviting at night, not imposing or scary. Preferably, take your wedding photographer along or ask them to do the same.

Food and Drinks

Winters remind us of hot chocolate, mulled wine, warm apple juice, and gooey cookies. It’s the time of the year when traditional roasts sit at the centre of the table, making mouths water. You don’t have to do anything different for your wedding.

Staying true to the winter theme will work great in the food and beverages department. Steaming hot soups, delicious roasts, creamy hot chocolate, fruit, and sticky puddings, etc. can make your wedding dinner a success. Thrown-in a few candies and cookies for the kids (and adults) to munch on at the noon and early evenings! Make sure the venue has the arrangements to keep the food hot in case there is a delay (which is highly possible in winter).


How can you keep the guests entertained in an indoor venue? Music and dance, of course! Hire a band to play the classic waltz for the romantic mood or ask them to play something peppier like the jazz. Arrange for fun games that can be conducted within the venue. If the venue has an open or semi-covered outdoor space, make use of it. If there is enough snow, let the guests indulge in some sleigh riding, making snow angels and snowmen, or encourage them to have a snowball fight.

Wedding Dress

White is the perfect colour for a winter wedding. It matches the setting outside and makes the bride glow. Add shades of gold for a touch of warmth. You can go bold and choose a deep purple or a burgundy gown as well.

That said, don’t forget to include velvet or fur coats to keep you warm and add a dash of extra colour. You can have the traditional white gown paired with a dark-coloured velvet coat and gold embroidery. You can leave your hair open, allowing the curls to cascade down your shoulders and add a tiara to complete the look. Don’t hesitate to use gemstones in winter. The light from the candles and fireplace will bring out the depth of the stones and add to your beauty.

Winter Weddings Ideas

Flowers and Decorations Winter Wedding Ideas

Christmas roses, pansies, winter clematis, Daphnis, etc. are some winter flowers you can add to the setting. However, lanterns, candles, freshly cut stems of herbs and pine will be enough to work the magic. Rosemary is the perfect choice to decorate the dinner table. If you are going for LED candles and electric heating, add come translucent curtains for extra effect. Since there is no real fire, you don’t have to worry about accidents.


Always have a backup plan to account for the unpredictable weather changes. Give your guests enough time to attend the event. Make arrangements for them to stay back if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Start the event early so that you can get good pictures before it gets dark.



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