Choosing Your Wedding Ring finish

Beyond the type of metal and the precious stone, your wedding ring finish is another way that you can personalise it. There are a host of incredible finishes that you can choose yours from. To make it easier for you to choose your wedding ring, we will consider what each one of these finishes has to offer. It is worth noting that there are several variations of each of these finishes and that they might not be available on all wedding ring metals.

Mirror finish

The name gives this one away. A mirror finished ring is one that has a reflective effect to it due to the way that it is polished. A closer look would undoubtedly give you a clear reflection when the ring is still new. Maintaining this ring would involve occasionally polishing it. This is something that you can do or get a jeweller to. 

Fine Matt finish

An excellent matt finish introduces some character to the ring through the addition of fine, striated lines that run across the grain of the metal. There is no texture to this finish. This means that although you would be able to see the striation, you would not be able to feel them when running your fingers across the ring. The elegant matt finish gives the ring a misty look.

Coarse Matt finish

If the fine matt finish is not up to your requirements when it comes to the texture, a coarse matt finish gives you additional texture. At the same time, the finish cannot always be felt by running fingers over the surface of the ring. The coarse matt finish bears more definite signs of embellishment. 

This finish does an incredible job and you can get away without taking it in for upkeep. For the most part, you should be able to do it yourself. 

wedding ring finish

Hammered finish

The use of a tiny hammer is another way to add character to the finish of a ring. It gives it a dented surface that is somewhat similar to that of a golf ball. The dents, in this case, are much smaller, which makes them less apparent from a distance. 

This is the type of finish that would endear you to a golf lover. The hammered finish is perfect for those that are after a ring that does not require much aftercare and upkeep. The dents created by the hammer well disguise scratches. These dents will not disappear due to polishing.

Sandblasted finish

The sandblast finish is achieved by hitting the heated surface of the ring with sand at high pressure. This delivered a textured effect on the surface of the ring. To the naked eye, the ring bears a finish with various bumps that are uneven. If you run your fingers on the surface of the ring, you will be able to feel the effect of this finish.

This is a finish that is entirely on the surface of the ring. It does not run deep. As a result, it will need an annual visit to the jeweller to keep it in top shape. 

Stardust finish

To the inexperienced person, the stardust finish can easily be confused for the sandblasted finish. They have a similar unevenness on the surface. The look is one that appears to be a ring that has been sandblasted and polished at the same time. As far as the appearance goes, the name all but gives it away. It looks like stardust has been sprinkled all over the ring. This is what gives it a sparkling look. Without the sparkle, the “star” part of its name would be redundant. 

This is another wedding ring finish that is also surface level. You will need to pay your jeweller an occasional visit to keep it in good nick.

Millgrain / Bevelled edges

Most rings have edges that are levelled off in a way that gives them a spherical finish. There are usually no edges to speak of after the polishing. If you are looking for something that goes against this grain, a millgrain or bevel edged ring is the way to go. The bevelled edges on the ring can run in different direction on this one. You can make out each of these lines when you run your finger on the surface of the ring.

This finish tends to hold up. If well kept, this is one that you can maintain yourself. You may have the odd reason to take it to a professional once in a while.


A stone finish is one that has a rougher texture to it. This is where it gets its name from. It is the most suitable finish for those that are always on the go. Scratches tend to just blend in with the rest of the surface. There is not much maintenance to be done going forward. 


If you like the stippled finish, but want a finish that is more aggressive. The process is somewhat similar to that of the hammered finish, except in this case, they use tiny pins instead of the hammer. The result is a surface that has fairly deep impressions. 

Having these deep impressions makes it much easier to maintain this ring. It does not easily scratch or lose these characteristics. 

wedding ring finishes

Image courtesy of Wedding Rings Direct

So, Which wedding ring finish will it be?

Find a ring finish that is suitable for your day to day life. Comparison is always the best place to start. Placing the ring finishes side by side will make it easier to pick out the ones that are the most appealing to you. You may find that it gets more complicated when you have just one or two rings left to choose from.

At which point, I would advise you to look at maintenance. This is an ongoing activity or cost to factor into your decision-making. What may seem to be an affordable ring, may soon amount to something you hadn’t envisioned due to what it takes to keep it looking good.

While we may all appreciate personalisation, our opinions may change based on the additional cost. Think of it this way. If the price of a plain ring was 70% that of one with the finish that you desire, would you be keen on paying the additional 30%? For just the right finish, it would most certainly be worth it. 

An excellent finish can take an ordinary metal and makes it one that you will adore.




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