Creative Wedding Gifts Ideas

Sometimes a creative wedding gift can be much more appreciated than an expensive gift that is impractical and not likely to be used often. Popular wedding gift items such as candlesticks and candy dishes are definitely lovely items, but they are also not likely to be used on a regular basis. However, giving a gift that is more practical and creative is sure to stand out and be used more often than some of the other gifts that the newlyweds receive.

Personalised Gifts

Nothing is more thoughtful than a personalised gift. This could be jewellery with the wedding date, a picture for the wall, kitchen ware, cushion covers, the list is endless.

A personalized calendar is another creative gift idea for a wedding. These are simple to make but if you are worried that it won’t come out just right, there are many companies that will create this calendar for you for a small fee. If you already have many pictures of the couple you may not have to ask around the find twelve pictures to use for the purpose of creating a calendar but if you do, it is nothing to worry about.

A homemade video is another creative wedding gift idea. If you know the couple really well and spend a great deal of time with them, you may already have some video footage of the couple. If not, however, you can contact their parents and try using their footage to put together a video that shows the bride and the groom’s childhood. Setting this video to music that you know the couple will enjoy is a great way to show them that you understand their taste and that you put this video together just for them.

Homemade or crafted gifts will always add a special touch to any present, and can be a great budget way of gifting with meaning.

handcrafted gifts

Gift Vouchers and Experiences

A gift certificate for a service around the house is another very creative gift idea. If you know that the couple will be moving into a house with a large yard, you could give them a gift of free lawn mowing for a year. Whether you do the mowing by yourself or hire a landscaper isn’t important. All that matters is that your friends know that you are thinking about them and that you want to help them out.

For coffee lovers, the Craft Coffee Club deliver top 5% rated coffee in the world and you can buy a one off gift or a3, 6, 12 month subscription.

A steak of the month club is another creative gift idea for a wedding. Newlyweds are often on a tight budget and there isn’t always money to splurge on expensive steaks. You could choose to have steaks delivered every month for a year or you may opt for a package that delivers steaks every three or four months. Many companies will deliver steaks, ready to cook, directly to the recipient’s door. You might also want to include a cookbook that features many steak recipes with this gift so that the couple will have some ideas about how to cook the meat.

An alternative is the Graft Gin Club, where you can gift 12 boxes (1 per month), 6 or 4 and each one contains a full-size bottle of craft gin, Tonic and garnish, and sweet and savoury treats. There will be plenty of subscriptions you can gift people.

Depending on your location, you could book the couple a sky high trip of a liftime on Virgin Balloon Rides. They have an option for a luxury package for two and with 100+ locations across England, Scotland and Wales. So you can gift the opportunity to take an hour long trip of the breath-taking stunning UK landscapes.

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The truth is that many traditional wedding gifts can also be boring. The way to really ensure that your gift stands out is to give a creative gift that is also something that will be appreciated by the couple. This type of gift lets the couple know that you understand them and also that you really put some thought into their gift.


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