Cuts of diamonds explained

There are four basic options when it comes to cuts of diamonds. They are:

A) Board or Ribbon Cuts – These cuts run the full length of the diamond and show both the crown and pavilion sides. It is a very cost-efficient cut. The cuts appear on both sides of the diamond which makes it possible to still have an excellent look, but since it is less expensive it is not commonly used for engagement rings. Typically, the diamond companies use this cut when designing their fashion jewellery.

B) Even or Symmetrical Cuts – These cuts have a more rounded top and bottom. It is usually considered one of the more popular styles of diamonds, because they appear very classy and elegant with a unique sparkle. Cuts that are considered to be “Ideal” shaped diamonds are ideal for creating that “Shimmering” effect and making your diamond look larger than it really is.

C) Split or Pear Shaped Cuts – This type of diamond cut is very trendy and very rarely used. It will appear as if it is “broken” on both sides of the diamond because the centre of the diamond will be significantly smaller than the top and bottom. This cut also creates a unique look, but it can also be interpreted as a flaw in the diamond. It is generally slightly less expensive than other cuts on this list, so this may be a deciding factor when purchasing your stone.

D) Heart Shaped Cuts – This is another popular cut. The top of the diamond will be perfectly square, but the bottom of the diamond will have a more rounded look and will be smaller than the top. These diamonds are sometimes considered imperfect because they appear to be “improved” cuts. It is also not uncommon for people to refer to them as “Fancy Cuts.”

Cuts of diamonds examples

What is an Asscher cut?
A square-shaped diamond with a small table, step facets and high crown
What is a Calf cut?
A modified trapezoid diamond has an extra side compared to the standard trapezoid diamond which has four sides with the top and bottom being parallel while the sides slant inwards
What is a Cushion cut?
A round-edged square cut diamond
What is an Emerald cut?
A round-edged rectangular-shaped diamond with an open and large table
What is an European cut?
Antique diamond-cut created before high precision diamonds were made from modern technology.
What is a Half moon cut?
A half-round and half-oval shaped diamond with a straight edge.
What is a Heart cut?
Heart shaped diamond normally found in solitaire settings
What is a Marquise cut?
A diamond that is Narrow and long like an American football. Prongs are set on each side so that the points can be protected from chipping
What is a Oval cut?
An oval-shaped diamond that comes in a variety of wide and narrow sizes
What is a Pear cut?
A mixture between a round and marquise diamond shape that comes in a variety of wide and narrow sizes
What is a Princess cut?
A lower price per carat fancy princess diamond cut is popular due to the minimal waste produced from rough diamond cutting.
What is a Round cut?
A circular shaped round diamond which is the most popular shape for engagement rings
What is a Straight Trillion?
An original formed triangular-shaped diamond cut
What is a Curved Trillion?
A curved variation of the triangle stone. A modern-day variation to the original triangular-shaped diamond cut.
What is a Trillion cut?
A triangular-shaped diamond that is mostly used to frame a square diamond.
What is a Radiant cut?
Similar to an emerald diamond, it is a squared or rectangular diamond with a reduction in curved edges