Fun DIY Wedding Ideas For Creative Couples

A fabulous wedding is mainly created behind-the-scenes. Often, couples choose to hire vendors to pull off the day of their dreams – but if you have the time, inclination, and sheer creativity to do it, a DIY wedding can be even more incredible. Crafting certain elements of your wedding gives you the freedom to make it exactly as you picture it, and include lots of personal touches to make the day truly your own with these fun DIY wedding ideas which can really help with a low-cost wedding.

You may not believe you have the talent it takes to pull off a DIY wedding – but the truth is that if you have a vision, you can make it a reality. Here are 10 fun DIY wedding ideas for you and your other half to try your hand at.

  1. DIY Wedding Cake

You don’t need to have won Bake Off to make a seriously impressive wedding cake. All you need is a tried-and-tested cake recipe and a beautiful design. If your chosen design is more intricate or detailed, we’d recommend doing a few trial runs before the big day. But if you’re an experienced baker, or your wedding cake design is fairly simple, there’s no reason why you can’t wing it. That said, it’s important to consider transportation and packaging before you embark on recreating the Eiffel Tower in cake form – the last thing you want is for your cake to crumble before you have a chance to cut it.


  1. Stylish Invitations

Your invitations or save the dates are your first chance to give your guests a glimpse of the wedding you’ve got planned – so it’s important that they reflect who you are as a couple. And what better way to make sure they’re you than by designing them yourselves? Whether you just want to write your own invitation wording, or design the entire invitation from the fold to the font, take this opportunity to get creative with your invites. There are tons of templates available online, or you can use free software like Canva to design your own.

  1. Make Your Own Wedding Tablescapes

Wedding buffet tablescapes can be expensive to hire or buy – but there are lots of ways you can create your own beautiful table decor for a fraction of the price. From painted flowerpots to handpicked foliage, you can design and make centrepieces that suit your day – whether you’re going for simple elegance or all-out glamour. Check out our guide to creating your own centrepieces for all different kinds of weddings.

DIY wedding ideas table covers

  1. Personalise Your Wedding Shoes

It’s a modern-day tradition for the couple to have their new names and wedding date emblazoned on the soles of their wedding shoes. While this is an adorable touch, creative types shouldn’t feel they have to stop there. Couples can use decals to write a cute marital message on their partner’s shoes, as well as adding other embellishments. It’s a great way to show your appreciation for your sole-mate.

  1. Create A Seating Chart

Pinterest is ripe with fun ideas for seating plans, from artsy designs propped up on easels to elegant calligraphy charts. For a personal touch, switch up the table names with a theme that’s meaningful to you as a couple – think places you’ve travelled, bands you’ve seen together, or books you both love. You can then use your theme to think of fun ways to present this on your seating chart. Maps, photos, and illustrations are all great ways to present your plan (although be warned, the more fun your seating chart, the longer your guests will linger over it).

  1. Forage For Seasonal Foliage

No matter what season you’re getting married in, you can find beautiful natural foliage all over the UK and use it in your wedding decor. In spring, stitchwort and violets bloom to produce beautiful woodland flowers, while autumn brings blackberries, fir-cones and conkers. While natural elements can make your wedding look amazing, it’s important to be mindful when you’re foraging. Don’t over pick, avoid nettles and other nasties, and don’t pick protected species like bluebells or snowdrops.

  1. Make Your Own Ceremony Backdrop

If you’re feeling really crafty, you can try your hand at making your own arbour out of wood. When decorated with greenery or flowers, an arbour can be a beautiful backdrop to your ceremony. However, if you’re looking for a simpler way to create a backdrop, you can arrange potted plants, fairy lights, tulle, or papercraft elements to set the scene for your ceremony.

  1. Create Pun-tastic Signage

After the sincerity of the ceremony, it’s always a great idea to throw in some lighthearted touches to help you and your guests relax into reception mode. Signs are really useful anyway, especially if you’re in a large venue, so spruce up your wedding signage with a little wordplay. Puns and rhymes are really popular – everything from prosecco bars to doughnut walls can be brightened up with some creative quips.

  1. Concoct A Signature Cocktail

Concocting a cocktail you both love is a fun way to spend an evening a few weeks before you tie the knot. You could take a professional cocktail-making class to get some pointers, or just try shaking up your favourite spirits and mixers at home and see what happens! You might stumble upon the next Tom Collins, which you can serve at your wedding reception as an aperitif. Add extra creativity by thinking up a fun new name for your signature cocktail.

Fun DIY Wedding Ideas For Creative Couples

  1. Go For Personal Touches Over Pinterest Trends

Not all weddings are Pinterest-perfect. But what makes them special is the personal touches, added by the couple and their friends and family. When you’re dreaming up DIY projects, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing them because you love them – not because they look good online. Don’t stress yourself out trying to make your wedding day look like your Pinterest board – have fun, go with the flow, and be as creative as you like! Why not try creating exchanging DIY jewellery with your future spouse, like a bracelet or tiara to give your wedding that truly personalised touch. For those interested, you can find such products at The Bead Shop.

Fun DIY Wedding Ideas Summary

The most important thing is that you and your partner love preparing for your big day – so don’t worry if some of your creative ventures go awry. If you like the idea of a DIY wedding but you’re not sure where to start, or you’re feeling a little more cautious about taking on some of these DIY projects, here are our 6 top tasks you can tackle yourself in preparation for your wedding.



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