How To Choose Your Wedding Invitations

It is important that you carefully plan your invitations to ensure that they send the message that you intended to pass on. The guest invitations that you send out will give them an idea of what your wedding will be like.

However, finding the right invitations to do this can be a very stressful task. You are likely to find that there are invitations available in all shapes, colours, styles and textures which makes choosing the right invitation and long and arduous process.

What is a wedding invitation?

The main goal of a wedding invitation is to give your guests the right details about your wedding. Your wedding invitation should contain the who, what, when and where.  While it is common to be creative with your wedding invitations, it is not advised to make a cryptic invitation that the recipient would be confused by and might not even think it is a wedding invitation.

Your invitation should clearly show that you and your significant other are getting married and should provide the details of when and where the ceremony and reception will take place. Since this is the intended goal of the invitation it is essential that you double-check the details to see if they are accurate, have someone else check and double-check them and then triple check them yourself. This is very important because if the information is not correct, your guests may be confused with the details and miss part or all of your wedding.

You will have the choice of invitations that are very formal and invitations that are more casual when choosing your invitations. It is crucial to remember that your invitation is the first reminder to your guests about the type of wedding that you have planned. So, it is critical that the formality of your wedding invitation reflects the expected degree of formality at your wedding.

The look of a very casual invitation may appeal to you but if you are planning for a formal wedding, this invitation can give your guests the wrong idea and they may not dress properly for the wedding. This situation could lead to your guests feeling embarrassed so to avert this potential issue it is a good idea to ensure that the formality of the invitation is an acceptable representation of the formality of the wedding.

How To Choose Your Wedding Invitations

If you are planning a themed wedding, the invitation is one of the first chances you have to showcase the theme that you are planning. Those who are planning a Renaissance wedding might choose to pick an invitation that is reminiscent of that time period and to use the language that was used during that period on the invitation.

You may also wish to include a note that specifically mentions the theme so that the guests will be absolutely sure that you are planning a theme wedding and didn’t just pick an odd invitation.

Your wedding invitation is one of your first chances to make a good impression on your wedding. Your guests may begin to guess how your wedding will be based on the invitation. The most important aspect of a wedding invitation is that all of the details should be accurate. The general recommendation is that the wording should be checked several times to ensure that all of the details are correct.

Next, you should ensure that your invitations suit the degree of formality that you are planning for your wedding. This will help guests to dress appropriately for the event. Finally, if you are planning a theme wedding ceremony your invitations should match this theme and should remind your guests of the theme as well.


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