How To Have The Perfect Hair On Your Wedding Day

All brides should do their utmost to look their best on their wedding day. They should pay meticulous attention to every detail, from the tips of their toes to the crown of their heads, from their shoes to their wedding gowns and their veils. It is the day a bride should be at her most beautiful.

The perfect hairstyle for any bride-to-be enhances her natural beauty and complements the style of her gown and the accessories she will wear. Two important things for her to consider are the style of her gown and the type of accessories she will wear with it. These things will have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of her hair.

The hairstyle a bride should wear must match the style of her gown. A strapless dress will not be set off to its fullest advantage with hair flowing down the bride’s shoulders. Neither does a French twist match a medieval-themed dress.

The dress must also be formal, yet not overdone. It should be appropriate for the occasion but never understated. The dress should have an interesting neckline (upswept or low), be form-fitting, and allow for some movement. Also, consider the neckline: would you be better off with your hair up or your hair down, given the dress neckline?

Aside from the gown, the veil and accessories that the bride will wear will need to be considered when she chooses her hairstyle

A bride should have her hair done the way she wants it during the engagement period when trying on accessories to see if they will look good with her veil and other accessories. The rule of thumb here is for the bride to do her hair in the way it looks best during the wedding, so she knows the hairstyle and other accessories will coordinate.

A bride needs to pay attention not only to the hairstyle she wears but also to the hairstyles worn by the other women in the wedding party. If the hairstyles of the bridesmaids complement the hairstyle the bride selects, it will dramatically improve the overall look of the wedding party.

“Styles, Accessories and Whatnot” would be incomplete without mentioning the issue of hair health. Before a woman gets married she should make sure the shine of her hair is in top condition by starting a regimen of regular conditioning.

She should use only hair products that are safe for her skin during the wedding preparations. She should use them weeks or months before the wedding, and not on the eve of her wedding. A wedding day is not the day for bad hair or allergic reactions.

A few other important things a bride should think about regarding her hair on the day she gets married are:

  • It is alright for the bride to try out different hairstyles before deciding on which one she prefers. However, she should decide on how she will wear her hair before she picks her veil and headpiece. And she should wear that particular hairstyle consistently throughout the wedding day.
  • Her hair should be on a hair regimen that will make it healthy and glowing at least six months before the wedding. The colour should be touched up, and the hair should be trimmed a couple of weeks before the wedding.
  • Your hair should be easy to style, not blow out of place by the wind, and not be overdone with hair accessories or else people will think it is your hair that is getting married and not you.

The one thing a bride should never do on her wedding day is let her nerves get the better of her. Instead, she should relax and have fun with her friends and family as she celebrates the happiest day of her life.