How to Keep Your Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

How to Keep Your Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are beautiful things. Nature has fully bloomed and the sun is shining longer than ever. There’s a vibrancy that transfers to your wedding, letting everyone joyfully celebrate your love. But a summer wedding comes with a serious downside: the heat. A hot wedding can be unbearable for some of your guests, whether it’s waiting for the ceremony to take place or while dancing at your reception.

Before you and your to-be spouse share your unique wedding rings, think about how you can keep your guests cool at your summer wedding. Here are just a few ways to help your guests keep it cool while enjoying your wedding.

Consider what’s indoors and outdoors

Is your entire wedding going to be outside, both the ceremony and the reception? If so, rethink how you approach the layout of both. If you’re having both at a venue, consider seeing if you can book some indoor spaces. It’s a simple way to provide your guests with a reprieve when they want it.

Otherwise, make sure to rent some tents. Some venues will provide them if you ask, while, in other cases, you should think of bringing a few along. This makes sure you and your guests have a place to get out of the heat when needed. And an indoor space with air conditioning is an extra plus for anyone looking to cool down quickly.

couple celebrate outside summer wedding

Hand out fans

Fans can go a long way. Best of all, it can really elevate the aesthetic of your wedding, giving all of your guests a sort of fanciness, waving fans in their faces to provide a soft, cooling wind.

Provide parasols for those who want them

Want to up your aesthetic game even further? Provide your guests with parasols. These cute little umbrellas are the perfect way to cast some shade during the wedding—in a good way! Best of all, each is for personal use, allowing a person to effectively shade themselves without feeling like they need to fight for space with others.

Have chilled refreshments out for the ceremony

Don’t leave refreshments for after the ceremony! During summer weddings, it’s important that you help guests stay cool in whatever way you can. We recommend providing refreshments prior to the ceremony starting, whether guests want an iced water bottle, a frosty diet soda, a chilled glass of white wine, or a cold beer.

Make sure the beer and water are cold enough

Who doesn’t love a cold glass of water on a hot summer day? Better yet, is there anything more refreshing than a chilled beer when it’s both hot and humid out? We recommend making sure that all the refreshments are as cold as possible. Fill a few tubs full of ice and get everything properly chilled before guests arrive; that way, they can properly cool down when they need it most.

Get icy with your cocktails

An icy cocktail is sacrilegious to some people, but let’s be honest: A fresh, icy cocktail in the summer is incredibly refreshing. Whether it’s a good negroni or a salted margarita, you can’t go wrong with a chilled cocktail. And just think how relaxed you’ll be while sipping on a cold drink, wedding ring wrapped around your finger.

Offer frozen desserts and snacks

Popsicles shouldn’t just be for the kids in attendance. Offer some frozen treats to your guests, both for dessert and throughout the day. There’s nothing as calming and cooling as a frozen popsicle on a warm summer day. Want to make it a little more exciting? Make some boozy popsicles to make the chilling factor a little more exciting.

Think about shade

You’ll want to make sure there is enough shade for your guests, especially if your ceremony and reception are going to be during the day. Furthermore, you and your spouse are definitely going to want some shade before and after your ceremony, as you’re sure to break a sweat either due to your dress and tux or purely for nerves.

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Consider when you’ll hold your wedding

What time is your wedding currently planned for? If you’re planning midday, you might want to rethink your approach. It’s best to avoid when the sun is directly overhead, as this will be when it is most hot out. Mix in a humid day, and you’re talking about uncomfortable weather. Instead, consider the following options:

  1. Hold your wedding ceremony early in the morning, give people some time to relax, and then hold your reception at night.
  2. Hold your wedding ceremony in the late afternoon or early evening and transition to an evening/nighttime reception.

You can never go wrong with a mister

We’re not talking about the groom and his groomsmen; you might expect some trouble from them. But setting up a few fan misters is an excellent way to keep your guests cooled down. This will allow your guests to mosey over whenever they need it, getting a brief, cool misting over their bodies. Best of all, they can choose how they want to mist themselves, rather than getting their whole clothes damp, choosing instead to cool down their arms, legs, or whatever other body parts they can expose.

Keeping your guests cool doesn’t have to be a battle. Rather, take the time to cover the basics, whether it’s providing shade, an air-conditioned getaway, or some cool drinks. That way, you and your partner can get married in style while your guests can remain as comfortable as possible.

How do I keep my guests cool at an outdoor ceremony?
  • Rent a tent to create enough shade for the guests.
  • Provide small fans for the guests for the day. Also, provide tent fans that are positioned around the guests.
  • Keep your guest well hydrated throughout the day. Keep the bottled waters and water jugs close to the guests from the time they arrive to when they say goodnight.
  • Offer a ‘cool’ menu for the guests. For appetisers, chose shrimp, sushi or fruit skewers. For the main course, choose a light selection like fish or chicken and steamed vegetables. For dessert, mini ice cream sandwiches, ice cones or chocolate mousse could be served.
  • Hold the ceremony later in the afternoon after 4 or 5 pm when the sun is less direct.
  • Let the guests wear light and breathable attire for the wedding so that they are more comfortable throughout the day.
  • Offer your guests sunscreen and bug protection for the day.
How should the guests prepare for a summer wedding?
  • Wear attire that you feel will be light and breathable for the wedding day. Materials like cotton, linen, silk, chiffon, rayon and seersucker would be perfect.
  • Avoid any liquid make-up products and opt for powder-based products along with waterproof mascara and finishing spray.
  • For women, wear your hair in an updo to avoid your head of hair weighing on your shoulders.
  • Skip the caffeine and stick with water to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Pack the essentials to help you through the day like baby powder to help with moisture and odour, peppermint spray which will evaporate with the heat from your skin and deodorant wipes in case of emergencies.
  • Place any cloths or shawls on metal chairs to avoid your legs and bum burning against the chair.
  • Eat a light meal to keep yourself cool and full energy to hit the dancefloor.