How to Lighten the Wedding Planning load to help the Bride

One of the biggest mistakes that brides make is thinking that only they can sort out all the wedding plans and details without any help from either family or friends. With all that pressure and stress, it would definitely cause severe burnout and lead to a much less enjoyable planning experience. There is always people willing to help the bride, like an eager mother, sibling or best friend. And not only can many things that can be delegated, a decisive and organisation person might just make all the difference.

The bride may turn down the help from family and friends and may feel like she can complete all the tasks by herself but it would be so much more productive for her to delegate some responsibility to others willing to help. The bride may want her wedding day to be perfect but she will need to realize that if some of her plans don’t run smoothly, she will most likely be the only one to notice. The guests will be too busy enjoying the wedding.

Sometimes there are last-minute details that need to be sorted at the reception hall and these may include positioning the centrepieces, making sure the flowers arrive and setting out the place cards. These tasks may be difficult to handle so the brides will need to relax a little and let others take care of the tasks to ensure that everything gets done smoothly.

The bride will need to understand that her family and friends are perfectly capable of positioning centrepieces on the tables and even if one isn’t placed perfectly, it won’t affect the reception. Once she understands that different tasks can be completed by everyone else involved in the wedding, she can focus solely on tasks that she feels is more important for her to deal with.

help the bride to get ready

It can be a tedious job to sort out all the thank you envelopes to send out to the guests after your special day. The bride may find out that her bridesmaids could be willing to sort out this task for her. It will be one less thing to worry about if you can find someone to assist you with this task while you plan your wedding and are busy romancing and relaxing on your honeymoon.

This task can be easily completed before the wedding. After receiving all of the RSVPs and having a good idea of who is coming, you could start writing an envelope for each of the guests who have responded and are definitely attending your wedding.

The wedding dress is arguably one of the most important parts of the wedding. Many brides spend months trying to find the perfect dress for their special day so delegating responsibility for the care of the dress may be difficult. The bride will obviously be in control of picking her wedding dress and attending fittings but friends and family members could be in charge of picking up the dress, having it cleaned and stored until the wedding day or day before.

The bride will have one less thing to worry about and it minimises the risk of damage to the dress depending on how tempted the bride will be to try on the dress “just one more time”. Taking the dress away from the bride makes this less likely to happen.

It is very important for brides to understand that they can not complete all the wedding tasks by themselves. They will need help from many family members and friends and in some cases maybe even strangers who are free and willing to assist with helping out. The delegation of tasks for many brides may be difficult to do if they feel like they can do everything perfectly but letting go of some tasks for others to do will make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.

Who can help the bride with wedding planning?
The bridesmaids are typically there to assist the bride-to-be with any stressful planning jobs that need completing. This gives the bride a chance to work on the tasks more important to her. Family and friends are also there to help relieve any stress from the planning stage if there is a lot of work to be done.
How can the bridesmaids support the bride with wedding plans?
  • Ask the bride if she needs help with any of the weddings plans to help take the burden of her. It is likely she will say that she doesn’t need anything from you but she will appreciate the question.
  • Organise a surprise with her fiance. After the stress from wedding planning, a little pick-me-up surprise dinner party with the wedding party will take her mind the stress.
  • Send a special gift to the bride that will help her relax leading up to the wedding day. This could be a bouquet of flowers, a batch of cocktails or a box of sweet treats.
What wedding tasks can be completed by family and friends?
  • Collect dry cleaning, wedding dresses and wedding flowers.
  • Handle the on-the-day payments.
  • Help to collect decorations for the wedding reception.
  • Help with decorating the reception.
  • Help with baking sweet treats for the reception.
  • Help to collect any out of town guests from the train station or airport.


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