How to make your home post-wedding ready

Many couples feel like they have closed something after their wedding, when in fact they are starting something: their marriage! How do you keep that feeling of love and enjoy being married every day and keep that post-wedding honeymoon period going as long as possible?

After your wedding, you suddenly have a lot of time on your hands, because you don’t have to spend any more time arranging and organising the wedding.  On the one hand, this is great, because you have time again for your hobbies, but on the other hand, you may fall into a ‘black hole’ after the wedding, because you do not have a clear goal together.

It’s quite special actually, because the wedding is over, but that also means that your marriage has started! So make sure you enjoy every day together and keep surprising each other, starting with the first day after the wedding to ensure that everlasting domestic bliss, on the assumption that you don’t have to spend the day at the venue clearing it out.

Coming home

Make sure you come home to a cosy and tidy house. Nothing is more annoying than coming home to a messy house and not being able to relax after a long day. You can make the living room extra cosy and create a nice fresh scent by putting some flowers in the room.

The right lighting also plays a major role in creating a romantic atmosphere, so put some romantic candles down. If you have a chimney make sure you have some wood and fire starter prepared. So you can enjoy a romantic first evening together with a glass of wine by the fireplace.

flower petals on bed

Bedroom decoration

As a newly married couple, you naturally spend a lot of time together in the bedroom. The bedroom is simply a place in your home where you spend a lot of time, especially the bed. The bedroom is where your day begins and ends. So it’s nice to feel comfortable in your own bedroom, and the interior of the bedroom is very decisive.

Make sure the bed smells clean and looks attractive. A new set of matching duvet covers will certainly contribute to the atmosphere. And of course, make sure you hang the best wedding photo on the bedroom wall.  That way, you can look back on that unique moment every day!

Get your first day as a married couple off to a good start!

After the wedding, you will probably sleep in for a long time. But after that, it’s time for a well-deserved and tasty breakfast. So, make sure you have a nice breakfast at home or go somewhere for brunch. You can also prepare a sumptuous brunch and enjoy the afterglow of the wedding day together, perhaps opening your wedding gifts and cards. It’s worth writing a list of who gave what for the thank you notes as you go.

It’s very possible in the coming days you might be off on honeymoon with just yourselves, so it’s a great time to catch up with friends and family before you to talk about the wedding and see some early pictures from guests on the day. It can take a few weeks to see the official photography, so your social media will be the best place to see all the pictures.

And there is likely a list of things to do after the wedding you need to complete including:

  • Checking with the venue to ensure no lost property
  • Arrange for the wedding dress to be cleaned and stored
  • Write thank you notes
  • Legally change names if required, and contact relevant parties (like work, HRMC, banks, DVLA, passport office, doctors, dentist, etc)