Top UK Honeymoon Destinations: #1 London Honeymoon

A London honeymoon is an amazing choice for newlyweds who appreciate the hustle and bustle of an iconic capital city. Boasting some of the finest restaurants and hotel experiences in the world, London can offer a slice of luxury to any UK holidaymaker.

With travel having been affected over the past few years, more and more people are finding that the UK has some outstanding holiday and honeymoon locations. Not only are there savings to be made from not having to take a flight outside of the UK, but it’s also perfect to fit in with any annual leave you and your partner have.

So with the option to have a romantic getaway in the UK, here’s why you should consider London for your top UK honeymoon destinations.

A London Honeymoon

While most people within the UK wouldn’t automatically think of London as a honeymoon destination, a London honeymoon is one of the top choices for couples from other countries. You’d be surprised at just how much London has to offer for newly-weds; From bustling tourist attractions to secluded romantic parks and picnic spots, there’s literally something for every type of couple and every type of honeymoon.

Where To Stay In London

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to choosing honeymoon hotels in London. Remember that for this kind of getaway, the hotel is an extremely important aspect of the trip. You will want to spend your romantic evenings together in nice surroundings that suit your taste!

For some couples, staying in a slightly cheaper hotel means that they have more to spend on days out and activities during the trip, whereas, for others it can be essential that the hotel they stay in is as luxurious as possible. Luckily London has options at every price point, so the choice is yours for a truly bespoke honeymoon experience.

If you’re looking to check in to somewhere a little more reasonably priced, we can recommend these great options:

  • Leonardo Royal London St Paul’s
  • InterContinental London – The O2
  • Sunborn London
  • Novotel London Bridge Hotel
  • The Gyle

London honeymoon

However, if you’ve saved a bundle from not flying abroad and are looking to spend a little more of your budget on a hotel in London, then we’d recommend checking out these incredibly romantic options:

  • The Ritz
  • The Londoner
  • The Savoy
  • Shangri-La at The Shard
  • Corinthia London

It’s also worth noting that even if your budget is lower than you’d like, there’s some great last minute deals to be had and many hotels also offer mid-week offers which can include a stay at the hotel along with luxury spa treatments. It is always worth shopping around if you’d like a little luxury on a budget!

What To Do In London

There’s so much to choose from in regards to entertainment in London, from catching a West End show, to visiting the London Eye, to experiencing fine dining in one of the many beautiful parks, there’s something for everyone. We’ve listed a few of our favourite London honeymoon activities below:

  • Champagne at The View at The Shard
  • Guided tour at the Tower of London
  • Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park
  • Fine dining at the Sky Garden
  • Backstage tour at the Royal Opera House

Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to some of the pricier options on the list, there’s nothing stopping you from being creative with your time in London. Simple things such as visiting a delicious deli and creating a picnic basket to be enjoyed in Regent’s Park or beside the Thames, are often some of the most intimate and unforgettable memories to be made.

Other UK Honeymoon Destinations

If London hasn’t piqued your interest as a honeymoon destination, then have a look at our other UK honeymoon destination recommendations to find your perfect post-wedding idyll.