News: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are Engaged! The Full Story of Her Engagement Ring

megan fox engagement ring

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly began dating in early 2020. Since then we have been privy to a somewhat strange but charming public relationship, ranging from sweet Instagram posts to admissions of drinking each other’s blood (yes, you read that correctly). After a year and a half of this strange romance, Kelly has finally got down on one knee! Here is what we know about the engagement, wedding plans, and the engagement ring.

The Engagement

Megan Fox and MGK’s engagement was announced in true modern style via Instagram post. A video depicts the couple embracing in front of a stone fireplace, and a banyan tree which is reportedly where they first fell in love.

True to the couple’s unusual declarations of love for each other, the caption strays from sweet to strange. Fox begins by describing their relationship as “magic”, then as “walking through Hell together”, and finally states “…and then we drank each other’s blood”. Whatever works for you Megan!

After all these unexpected declarations of affection, we are sure that their wedding will be extremely memorable.

The Engagement Ring

Now to the engagement ring! Kelly designed the unique piece alongside London jeweller Stephen Webster. It is comprised of a pear shaped emerald and pear shaped D colour white diamond set on two magnetic pave bands. The rings slot together to form a heart shape on Fox’s finger. This clever design is a fresh take on the ever popular toi et moi ring style that dates back to Napoleon’s proposal to Josephine.

Each stone represents one half of the couple’s birth stone, which is a lovely sentimental touch. Kelly describes the tapered pave bands as “bands of thorns” that bring together “two halves of the same soul”.

Kelly’s Instagram post of the engagement ring was quick to amass over 12 million views, whilst Fox’s video announcement has been viewed over 22 million times in one day.


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