Mesmerising Ideas for Your Autumn Wedding

For decades and even centuries, summer and spring weddings have been the popular choice of the temperate seasons. But with the changing times, people in the UK are showing interest in autumn weddings (or Fall for you Americans). With better venue availability and seasonal discounts, there’s an added advantage to go for an autumn wedding for the bargain budgets. With a bit of luck with the weather, and you could have the perfect wedding day at a fraction of the cost.

What’s the primary advantage, you ask? Why, the colours of nature, of course. The hypnotic hues of yellow, orange, red, and brown are such a warm contrast to the growing chill in the autumn breeze. With appropriate planning, you can have the most amazing and mesmerising autumn wedding nuptials in London or anywhere in the UK.

You can still have an outdoor wedding and reception in autumn. The weather isn’t too cold. The light still stays long enough to get some breathtaking shots. In fact, autumn is the best season for outdoor weddings. Image the rich colours you can add to your wedding location without even trying too hard. Also, direct sunlight is not ideal for photographers, so you actually get better pictures with an autumn wedding. Do check when the clocks change though (spring forward, fall back), as this year you will lose an hour on October 25th.

Not just that, the seasonal produce brings a delightful burst of flavours to the dining table. You can arrange for a delicious wedding feast or decorations using natural produce as you tie the knot.

Anything else? Oh, yes, your wedding dress too. You can go for either something heavy or something light. You don’t have to worry about sweating or freezing. And with the latest trends and styles, you can always pair up with a jacket or shawl to ward off the chill (if required).

We’ve collected some awe-inspiring autumn wedding ideas to help you plan getting hitched and turn it into a fairytale.

When is Autumn?

In the UK, Tuesday 22nd September 2020 was the start of autumn, with it ending on the Winter solstice Monday 21st December.
Autumn is the spectacular transition from Summer to Winter, with cooler temperatures and shorter days. The season is most notable for the leaves of deciduous trees drying out and changing colour from green to yellow, oranges and reds. After mid-autumn leaves are shed (abscission) to create a wondrous carpet of discarded colour.


Autumn Wedding

Autumn Wedding Themes and Colours

There are endless magical themes you can choose for an autumn wedding. From traditional to rustic to woody, vintage, bohemian, and colour-schemed, you don’t have to worry about using bold colours and decorations. Rather, you should make the most of these colours by incorporating them into the wedding. From the decorations to flowers to food, let colours rule the event and add loads of vibrance.

Nature’s colour palette gives a great range of contrast between dark green and orange. And instead of throwing rice, your wedding participants could shower you with fallen leaves. We love the idea of a wedding wishes tree used as a guestbook.

Wedding Venue

Once you decide on the theme, it’s time to pick the venue. Of course, you can go the other way round as well and let the wedding venue dictate the theme. You could opt for a bold outdoor wedding in the countryside, near the farms, or a vineyard. This will add both colour and fragrance and still uphold wedding traditions. For example, you could walk down the aisle of trees rather than a church.

The earthy scent of leaves, fresh fruits, and vegetables will create an enchanting setting for the wedding. By pairing them with seasonal flowers and shades of gold, you will be able to set the stage to perfection.

If you want an indoor wedding ceremony to ensure its weather-proof, opt for wooden textures rather than stone. Use fairy lights to enhance the appearance of the venue (if the wedding reception is in the late evening or at night). Use wooden tables, barrels, and stands. Mix them up with antique brass decorative pieces and fresh flowers.

Food and Drinks

Your autumn colour scheme can even continue in your menu. Red wine complements the feast and theme better than white. Also, you can have some beer on the side and bring in the tinge of gold. Your wedding cake can use similar shades instead of the same old full white. Try the minimal icing option by going semi-naked covered with a thin sheet of buttercream icing and decorated with fresh fruits. Another alternative is to use wheels of cheese.

Thick and hot soups made from pumpkin, butternut squash, etc. will set the tone for the rest of the menu. Add fruit pies to the desserts and top them with dollops of rich ice cream or gelato in warm flavours. Oranges and berries will bring the necessary sweetness mixed with a subtle tartness.

Avocados, tomatoes, and fresh green leaves make yummy salads for the health-conscious. A hog-roast is a great idea for a small intimate autumn wedding evening meal and the perfect outdoor wedding feast.

Autumn Wedding colours


Autumns are synonymous with harvests and carnivals. Why not use the same kind of entertainment at your wedding? Bring in a barrel full of apples for a fun game. Let the guests go on mini treasure hunts in the fields (for an outdoor wedding). Cider, beer, and wine tasting events will also be a huge hit with the guests. Make sure you moderate the quantities, though. You want them awake for the best man speech.

Depending on the time of the wedding, arrange for outdoor campfires and some melodious music for the guests to get into the mood. Fireworks and sparklers are other great options and can give vibrancy to any wedding dance.

Wedding Dresses

As a bride, you are going to love this one. An autumn wedding allows you to stick to traditional shades of white and cream while also giving you the freedom to add more than a splash of colour. If you love dark shades, you can absolutely include them for one of your dresses. Give your bridesmaids the chance to flaunt their pearly skin by choosing reds or burgundy.

If you would rather go the subtle route, you can pick shades of gold, soft blue, pink, lavender, and orange for your bridal party. You can add a colourful piece of lace, belt, or buttons to your white wedding dress for extra elegance.

Flowers and Decorations for an Autumn Wedding

You have enough choice when it comes to flowers as well. Deep red roses and bright tulips are always favourites. You can also throw in some dahlias, crocuses, begonias, pansies, and many more lovely blooms that are found only during the autumn. You can also use gourds instead of flowers.

The decorations will have to be in sync with the theme of the wedding. However, you can use pine cones, apples, grapes, berries, oranges, pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, scented candles, brass candlesticks, copper dessert mugs, lanterns hanging from the braches, and so on.


Did we cover them all? Oh, we almost forgot. You can follow the autumn theme for the invitations as well. Go for a mix of creams and browns or reds to create an alluring contrast of colours. Handwritten notes will suit the theme better the printed cards. You can also go for a casual font rather than formal if you want to get them printed.

For off-peak weddings, both Spring and Autumn have a chance of great weather. But Autumn has the advantage of the amazing colours. Let nature set the stage for your wedding and make the most of the beauty it has to offer for your autumn wedding.


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