Summer Weddings: The Ultimate Guide

Summer Weddings: The Ultimate Guide

As we approach the warmer months, you may be in the throws of planning a last-minute summer wedding! If you are, congratulations! It may seem like you have a lot to do, but don’t worry. Planning your big day in a matter of weeks is possible.

You’ve probably chosen to tie the knot in the summer because of the long days, warmer weather and wide range of fresh flowers that are available. We don’t blame you! Summer weddings offer you so many options for pretty much every aspect.

Summer is still the most popular season to get married

For a long time summer has reigned supreme when it comes to the most popular season to get married in. The trend is still continuing and is likely to never change. With warmer and longer days, less chance of rain (although never zero), and a wider variety of flowers and seasonal food, there’s no surprise as to why!

The 28th of August has been ranked the most popular day to get married overall, with an average of 1,523 marriages on this day between 1998 and 2017. Although, in 2017, the 2nd September took top spot with 4,370 weddings taking place on this day.

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How to make sure you have a summer wedding to remember

If you’re in the midst of planning your big day for this summer, you’re likely to want it to be a day you or your guests will never forget! Here are our top tips on how to plan a summer wedding to remember…

Choose a neutral/fresh colour theme – summer weddings lend themselves well to fresh and neutral colour themes. This is because with the warmer weather, you’ll want fabrics and materials that can easily reflect the heat!

Provide guests with favours – we’re talking about favours that will come in handy like sunglasses and maybe even a fan. You’ll want to make sure they’re prepared for all the sunshine you’ll be having.

Choose flowers carefully – if it’s a particularly hot day, you won’t want your flowers wilting before you’ve had all your photos taken. Make sure you choose flowers that can withstand the heat and don’t forget to choose a bouquet that allows you to show off your sparkly new wedding ring too.

Opt for light materials – there’s nothing worse than feeling sticky and hot on your wedding day, for both you and your bridal party. When choosing their outfits make sure you opt for light materials such as cottons and linens.

Choose and indoor/outdoor venuepick a venue that offers you the opportunity to use both indoor and outdoor space. You’ll want to make the most of the warm weather and light evenings if you can do!

What is the weather like in the Summer in the UK?

The summer months are warmer temperatures and longer days, with temperatures in the region of 15 to 30°C (59° – 86°F). The average daily temperate in 2021 according to Statista were:

  • June – 15.4°C
  • July – 17.6°C
  • August- 16.1°C

July is the driest month with less daily rainfall on average.

Statistic: Monthly average daily temperatures in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2015 to 2021 (in degrees Celsius) | Statista



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