The Best Destination Weddings: #1 Cyprus Weddings

If you’re wondering where the best place to get married in Cyprus is, our complete guide to Cyprus Weddings has you covered.

Why Get Married In Cyprus?

Cyprus is one of the most popular places for a destination wedding. Mostly because of its historic British influence, its wine, produce, and natural beauty.


The weather in Cyprus also makes it a perfect location for an outside or beach wedding.

With its scorching summer temperatures at an average of 35 degrees, it comes as no surprise that Cyprus is rated as one the best places in the world for a dreamy, balmy wedding. This Mediterranean island is the perfect place to combine a warm climate with a gentle sea breeze that lasts all day.

church on a beach in Cyprus

Wine & Food

With its weather and location in the Mediterranean, Cyprus has some delicious produce. There is a predominantly Greek influence on Cypriot foods, including grilled meat kebabs, halloumi cheese, olives, pitta bread, lamb, and artichokes.

Their traditional dishes are delicious for wedding banquets and are not overly expensive either.


Cyprus was under British rule until 1960, which has had an influence on the culture, shops, and restaurants – especially in some areas of the island. So lots of British wedding parties and holidaymakers consider Cyprus a home from home.

Where Is The Best Place for Cyprus Weddings?

With so many beautiful options to choose from for your Cyprus wedding, picking just one perfect location for your dream day is difficult!

You can opt for a:

  • Cyprus Beach Wedding
  • Cyprus Weddings Paphos
  • Cyprus Monastery Wedding
  • Cyprus Town Hall Weddings

When choosing the right Cypriot wedding location, you need to consider both aesthetics and practicalities – clothes, weather, space, travel. Read our guide to choosing the best destination wedding location to read more.

Sunshine Cyprus Weddings

Is It Legal To Get Married In Cyprus?

Yes, for British and Irish citizens, it’s completely legal to get married in Cyprus. It’s straightforward and there’s no need to pre-register the marriage beforehand. However, there are some factors to be mindful of, such as changes in regards to required documents as a result of the UK no longer being in the EU.

For same-sex couples wishing to enter into a civil partnership, it is still legal to get married in Cyprus. However, there is a requirement that you remain in Cyprus for 21 days before being able to register the civil partnership, after which, you’ll be able to go ahead and give notice of your partnership and go ahead with your special day.

What Documents Do I Need To Get Married In Cyprus?

For English and Welsh citizens to be married in Cyprus, there is a requirement to provide a Single Status Statutory Declaration, which can be provided by your solicitor to confirm that you are free to marry.

Scottish Citizens will need to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment from the local registry office, in place of the Declaration.

Irish Citizens will need to obtain a Freedom to Marry Certificate from either the Irish Embassy in the UK or the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland; there is also a requirement for you to bring photocopies of the two witnesses’ passport with you, regardless of your country of nationality.

As the UK left the EU in 2020, there have been some slight changes in regards to the paperwork required, with the Cyprus Government now requesting some additional information with each application. For more information, please visit the Gov website.

If you’re wishing to enter into a same-sex civil partnership, there is a requirement to give notice and sign a declaration indicating that you are legally allowed to register a civil partnership. To give notice of your civil partnership, you will need to provide you and your partners’ passports, and proof that you have been staying in Cyprus for at least 7 full days. The High Commission will then provide documentation for you to sign once you have stayed in Cyprus for 21 days, which will complete your civil partnership.

How Much Does A Wedding In Cyprus Cost?

Cyprus weddings have everything you could hope for – beautiful weather, amazing scenery and most importantly affordable locations. With the average Cyprus wedding costing around €12,000 (£10,600) for 80 guests, this is significantly cheaper than the average cost of a UK wedding, which currently stands at around £16,000.

With the option to reduce the number of guests who share your special day abroad, these costs can be reduced even further, without losing the specialness that Cyprus weddings can bring.

For any couples seeking a variation to a traditional UK wedding, we can really recommend exploring the options of choosing Cyprus as the perfect wedding location.




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