The Best Destination Weddings: #8 Mallorca Weddings

Mallorca, and Spain in general, has been a long standing favourite with UK couples looking for some sun and sea to create the perfect setting for their big day. But if you are thinking about Mallorca weddings, but aren’t sure how much it will cost or what you need to do, our complete guide has you covered.

Can You Get Married In Mallorca?

It’s worth noting that Civil ceremonies can only take place in Spain if either the bride or groom have been residents of Spain for at least 2 years. So if both parties are UK citizens, then you can’t have a legal civil ceremony in Mallorca. However, if one or both of you are of the Catholic faith, you can legally marry in a Spanish Catholic Church. You’ll need the below to have a Catholic wedding:

  • A valid 10-year passport
  • A baptism certificate
  • Confirmation certificate
  • Certificate of no impediments (CNI)
  • Certificate of completion of pre-marriage course

Don’t worry if you aren’t of the Catholic faith though, as there are many opportunities to have a blessing ceremony in Mallorca, which can then be made legal in the UK.

Mallorca in Spain

Mallorca Wedding Venues

With some of the most spectacular beach views and exclusive hotels, the options are almost endless when deciding on a Mallorca wedding venue, with many couples opting for a wedding ceremony on the beach and an after-party in a nearby hotel.

If you’re able to be legally married in Spain, you’ll likely want to be married in one of the beautiful Catholic churches that are available, and may choose to have the evening meal and party in a venue elsewhere afterward.

For those couples who plan on having a blessing, this can be done either in a hotel or very often, this will be done in a beach location depending on your preferences.

Wedding Hotels In Mallorca

Choosing to have a hotel wedding in Mallorca is really popular with British ex-pats, as it’s a comfort to know that whatever the Spanish weather decides to bring, there’ll be a gorgeous indoor location that can accommodate the wedding party, often within a stone’s throw of stunning scenery for the wedding photographs.

Some of the many popular wedding hotels in Mallorca include:

  • Finca Hotel Son Palou
  • Hotel Salvia (Adults Only Hotel)
  • Hotel Nixe Palace
  • Hotel de Mar Gran Melia
  • Hotel L’Avenida

Bride in Mallorca

Beach Weddings in Mallorca

If a hotel wedding isn’t ticking your boxes, there’s always the option of having your wedding ceremony on one of the many outstanding beaches in Mallorca. There are many wedding planners who can help you arrange the perfect beach wedding, and there are so many stunning locations to choose from:

  • Son Marroig
  • Mood Beach Club
  • Hotel Cap Rocat
  • Hotel St Regis Mardavall
  • Hotel Can Simoneta

How Much Do Wedding Planners Charge In Mallorca?

As much as you’d think that hiring a wedding planner is an added expense, especially if you’re trying to plan a wedding on a smaller budget, you’d be surprised at how beneficial it is to have someone with local knowledge and expertise when planning your wedding. This local knowledge will allow your wedding planner to get the best deals and make often much-needed savings for your big day.

If shopping around, you’ll be able to find really experienced wedding planners who provide different packages based on the budget that you have allocated. Some wedding planners can provide their services from around €75 per day, but this can usually be negotiated based on the number of hours worked. Try not to be put off from hiring a wedding planner, they can often be an asset to the planning stages of your wedding when you can’t physically be in the country itself and are the perfect way of helping your location wedding dream, a reality.