What are the different types of wedding rings?

types of wedding rings

It’s unlikely that you were aware there were so many different types of wedding rings when you first started looking. They can be divided into various groups of types and categories and we’ve tried to collate a wedding ring Wikipedia to improve your understanding.

While not as complicated as shopping for an engagement ring, it’s not simple with options for metal, weight, shape, size and finish on the plain wedding band. We found this wedding ring buyers guide the most useful in our research.

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How do I find my ring size?

Firstly, you will need to know your ring size before ordering a ring. Bear in mind your finger can swell in warm weather and at the end of the day is the best time to measure.

Some wedding ring companies offer a printable ring sizer, and others will send a free ring gauge in the post. An alternate method is to measure with a piece of string and check against a chart. A ring gauge is probably best to remove that margin of error.

different types of wedding rings

Types of Wedding Rings – By Shape

The shape and profile of the ring can directly impact comfort.

Court shaped

Often referred to as the “court profile wedding ring”. It is one of the most comfortable ones that you will come across. Both the exterior and interior parts of the ring are well rounded. This leaves no excess shapes to rub against your finger causing friction. 

D shaped

These are characterised by a shape that is similar to that of the court shape. It is a comfortable ring. They are known to be fairly lightweight. The name comes from its appearance. It has a flat interior and a rounded exterior. This is what makes it look like the letter ‘D’.


If you are looking to put a personal touch on your ring. This is the ideal choice. A shaped wedding ring allows you to personalise it. This is usually done to get the perfect fit. Our fingers are not identical. 

The one size fits all model isn’t for all. Most of the shaped rings are shaped in a manner that lets them sit seamlessly alongside the engagement ring. This may mean trimming some excess ring metal in the shape of the stone on the engagement ring.


There are several types of prongs. The key theme of this style of ring is that the precious stone is holstered up by the prongs. This is perhaps the most common ring type for ladies. It is just as popular as an engagement ring.  


The cluster style takes smaller stones, usually diamonds, and places them in close proximity of one another to form a cluster. This makes the smaller stones appear to be a larger one to the untrained eye. 


The channel wedding ring has a more subtle look to the placement of the stones. It features several small stones that are embedded into the band. 


The bar wedding ring is one that takes the idea of the channel, minus the subtly of the placement of the rings. The stones are larger and more defined within the structure of the stones. 


Tension wedding rings get their name from the way that the bands are twisted in a way that makes them look as if they are joined in a tense way. They often come disconnected in the middle. In some cases, they have a single rock embedded in them which is set in the middle of the “tense” section.

The split version of this band carries a channel of stones. Some times, there are no stones on this ring.


The invisible setting wedding ring is one that bears a clear similarity to the channel. What differentiates them is the way that the stones on this one come in more than one line. It is usually set on a thick band to accommodate these stones.


The bezel set wedding ring is one that places great prominence on highlighting the stones. Each stone is perfectly surrounded by the band. In most cases, there are several stones on the ring. The bands with fewer rings place less of an emphasis on creating a shape that surrounded the stones. 

Smaller stones are embedded on the bands. You will also find others that have a large stone that takes a central place. The band then features other stones embedded in it.  

Different Types of Wedding Rings – By Fit & Design

Comfort fit

A comfort fit wedding ring is one that is domed on the inside. It is more comfortable on the inside. The shape of the dome is such that it curves to the shape of the finger. 

Flat band

A flat band is the traditional type of wedding band. This is when the bands were made to be flat on the inside. As the great emphasis has been placed on comfort in recent years. The regression in the popularity of this band has followed. 

Plain wedding ring

Not all wedding rings feature a stone as their centrepiece. Some rings come without them. This is a style that is commonly reserved for the groom. 


Diamond-set wedding rings come with several small stones embedded into the band. As the name suggests, the diamonds are set in the band. You will come across some diamond-set types of wedding rings that have a large stone in a prominent position. Several other stones are on the band.

Two Metal

The two metal wedding rings feature two types of metals that are combined to form an attractive piece. There is either a large piece of metal flanked by two smaller ones or a small piece that has two larger ones on the outside. This may be accompanied by or stone for the bride’s ring.

The metals combined can be gold/silver, gold/platinum, silver/platinum, and so on. 


Wooden wedding rings are almost exclusively reserved for the groom. It is often a custom wedding band. There may be metal or precious stones combined with the wood. The wood may be koa, walnut, maple, cherry, elm, poplar, aspen, sandalwood, hickory, eucalyptus, or others.


Celtic wedding rings are a more detailed variation. Their bands are known to have all sorts of patterns. These patterns may be decorated with precious stones such as diamonds. As their name suggests, these rings are traditional Celtic and Scottish ones. They are still prevalent in this region as well as across the world. 


While this can be done to most wedding rings. It is hardly the norm. The engravings are placed for sentimental values. Their placement is usually hidden from the eye when the ring is worn. It is on the inside of the ring.


A sand cast wedding ring is one that bears more character on the surface of the rings. It features a pattern on the outside. The finish is a textured one.

Types of Wedding Rings – Wedding ring guard

By Stone

Wedding rings commonly come with precious stones. The most sought after one being the diamond, of course. That is largely due to the value of the stone. It is a token that symbolises one’s appreciation for the other. Only the best stone will do.


Diamonds are forever. Have you heard that statement before? There is a good reason for that. They are what most of us want on our rings. Their value and demand are a testament to this.

Other stones

Other stones may have rhinestones, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and amethyst. There are a host of other birthstones that are chosen for the price points that they come at. 


You will note that there are fewer types of wedding rings for men than there are for women. The glitz and the glamour factors into this. It should always be taken into consideration when planning your wedding.


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