Tie the Knot Summer Wedding Countdown Tips

With the Covid-19 vaccination in full force, many of us will be pushing ahead to tie the knot this summer. To help get you ready, we have an essential guide so you’ll soon be ticking all the boxes ready for your big day!

From looking and feeling your best, to negotiating the perfect venue, here are some wonderful suggestions to take the stress out of your special day:

Get Photo Ready

If you’re conscious that your smile isn’t picture-perfect, but you’re worried that you’ve left it too late, then help is at hand. You can have the smile you’ve always dreamt of with SmileDirectClub. You can start your smile journey by using the dentist-prescribed, easy to use, at-home impression kit that’s delivered straight to your door so you can get the smile you’ve always wanted in 4-6 months. Alternatively, you can visit one of their SmileShops that are still open with locations across the UK for free.

Summer Wedding Countdown Tips

COVID-19 wedding contracts

Your venue and suppliers want you to have your dream wedding, however, it’s important to look ahead and plan for the best and prepare for the worst. Ensure that all your supplier contracts include a Covid-19 clause so that you don’t get charged extra in case you have to reschedule your wedding. Some contracts might specify that the postponement must happen within a certain timeframe, so double-check the terms and conditions. You also should pay extra attention to what’s refundable versus what’s not. For further guidelines about wedding cancellations and refunds, visit the government website.

Skills instead of gifts

With many Brits tightening their pursestrings following the pandemic, there has never been a better time to lean on your community for help, AKA family and friends. Why not ask for their skills instead of gifts? If your friend is a budding baker, could they create your wedding cake?  Perhaps someone in your family loves crafts, so consider asking for help to create table decorations and place settings – and what about music and makeup? Creating a DIY wedding can look premium, bespoke and has sentimental value as your loved ones all took part in creating your special day!

Weekday wedding

With a smaller wedding looking likely, why not consider getting hitched on a weekday, with a smaller wedding you can be far more flexible. As well as offering a wider choice of venue, a weekday wedding may also be a cheaper option, which is good news if you’re on a budget.

Beauty sleep

If worries about your wedding day are keeping you awake at night, then it’s definitely time to relax. Every bride needs her beauty sleep. Start by keeping a notepad and pen by your bed so that you can write down anything wedding-related that pops into your head in the small hours. Or for 7-9 hours of quality, stress-free sleep, why not give meditation a whirl. There are lots of apps out there to try, many of which are free. Our favourite is Headspace.

Get that just-married glow

Don’t wait until your wedding day to shine, use the next six months to get your skin in perfect condition. If you’re worried about stress-related breakouts but haven’t got the time for regular salon facials, then try ZIIP. A smart device, which connects through an app to offer tailored treatments, ZIPP uses nano currents and microcurrents to zap bacteria and promote younger-looking skin.


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