Top 4 Hidden Gem Venues For An Eco-Friendly Wedding In Wales

Starting a lifelong companionship with a partner is one of the most exciting times in many people’s lives, and no day is as anticipated, then that of the wedding day. From the dress and decor to the food and wedding entertainment ideas, while these tasks may seem stressful, they are certainly worth it to create the most perfect eco-friendly wedding to cherish for years to come.

One aspect, however, that can create some problematic opinions, is choosing the wedding day venue. Surprisingly, hosting an event such as this can actually be very harmful to the environment. From plastic waste to damaged grasslands and natural habitats, weddings can possess a number of consequences and negative effects to the surrounding environment. 

You may have only just started planning, or perhaps you have had to reschedule your wedding due to the current pandemic and are unable to rebook your original venue. Either way, you might want to join the growing number of couples who decide to opt for less mainstream, eco-friendly venues for their special day.

Eco-Friendly Wedding

Eco-friendly Wedding at Fron Farm Yurt Retreat

Beginning with a location nestled between the breathtaking Preseli mountains, while being only a 30 minutes drive away from the Pembrokeshire cardigan bay coastlines, Fron Farm Yurt Retreat is certainly the perfect location to plan an eco-friendly wedding in Wales.

Being perfectly located, those who love exploring have a perfect place to set up camp in one of the handcrafted Yurts at Fron Farm, looking out on the backdrop of the whole of West Wales.

The retreat is run solely off tranquillity and simplicity. Being family-run, the site welcomes visitors from the craziness of the outside world and allows them to revel in the relaxed haven they have so well created. With the Welsh countryside rolling in the background, wedding photos will never be better than they will at Fron Farm Yurt Retreat;  lit by the natural sun and truly captivating, with a view like no other. 

wedding in wales

Sloeberry Farm

A farm dating all the way back to 1800, in which it was founded to make use of its natural formed spring, this natural water spring helped the locals to power a mill and dairy, Sloeberry Farm is definitely a location with a story. 

Located near coastal west Wales, Aberporth Beach, the location sits perfectly, facing the endless blanket of greenery views and a private lake, an explorer’s true fantasy. Those who decide to go to the farm are free to roam the location as they wish. Finding the most private nooks that are created for picnic parties and soaking up the sun. 

Sloeberry Farm is ideal for all outdoor activities such as kayaking, mountain biking, walking, surfing and of course, a beautiful outdoor wedding. 

With so much to do, Sloeberry Farm really is the best place to be, even according to Lonely Planet, due to its stunning cliffs, pristine beaches and perfectly sandy bays. 

three pools farm

Three Pools

Made solely on the inspiration of permaculture design, Three Polls farm is reinventing itself into becoming a safe and high-quality food service farm, learning how to become a leader in modern agriculture.

The 141-acre plot is surrounded by the most breathtaking landscapes, being the perfect picturesque location of Wales. The farm itself is located on the foothills of the black mountains. It’s impossible to say no to the views at Three Pools, and what better way to protect them, then conducting a wedding that is environmentally friendly. 

Allowing the wedding to connect with the location, be inspired by agriculture and share the amazing, natural environment with the guests on your very special big day. 

Cwm ty Coed

Cwm ty Coed

Located in the midst of 30 acres of rolling countryside in Carmarthenshire, since 2012 the Cwm ty Coed family has been welcoming guests to their smallholding in West Wales. 

Bringing the farming world to those who wish, Cwm ty Coed allows guests to get completely stuck in. From feeding the miniature ducks, picking and eating their very own eggs and watching the donkeys and sheep cheerfully roam the beautiful blanket that is the surrounding land. 

For those wanting a wedding here, they will be sure to have a down to earth, satisfyingly minimal and stunning day, it doesn’t get much easier than hosting the big day at Cwm ty Coed. 

Very secluded, the working farm offers the guests the opportunity to pitch down asleep within their own tents, or, take the comfortable route and stay within their own glamping interior. Either way, they will take base on the open land, with a kitchen, fire pit and barbeque to complete the perfect camping getaway. Then, the shortest journey takes the wedding party to the coastline beaches. This way, wedding photos can be just as adventurous as this breathtaking wedding idea, at Cwm ty Coed.


There are many beautiful locations around the UK for couples to finally tie the knot and begin their future together. However, none is as beautiful than that in Wales. Here, wedding parties can soak up the breathtaking views, breathe in the crisp beach air, and enjoy the simple things in life, all while watching their loved ones begin their lifelong companionship and tie the know.

Depending on location, each eco-friendly wedding in Wales above will be sure to offer the guests the most spectacular experience, away from the hustle and bustle of the cityscapes, and allowing them to live in the now, surrounded by the most delicate forms of nature, that are not being ruined by the big day.

Be sure to take on some personal; research and take a look at each of the stunning eco-friendly wedding location in Wales. Then, after this, the next best step will be to find a Cardiff wedding band to match. There is nothing better than watching the sunset over the rolling hills while your live music band serenades the wedding party just perfectly. 



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