Engagement Rings: 3 Important Things You Should Understand

Engagement rings are such an emotional piece of jewellery. The time has finally come for you to propose, and you can’t contain your excitement. This is a milestone in your life, something that will only happen once, and you can indeed feel every emotion imaginable. Happiness, eagerness, nervousness, and so many other things are going on inside you, and understandably so. Finally, you have found “the one” you want to spend the rest of your life with, and it is a time for celebration.

Another exciting thing to do is purchasing the perfect engagement ring for your partner! But while shopping for the engagement ring is thrilling, it can also be somewhat confusing, especially since this is likely your first time purchasing such a big ticket item, and you might have no idea what you should be looking for. Read on below to understand more about engagement rings and ensure that you pick the best one for your fiancée.

engagement rings

  1. Understand what the 4 Cs are all about

Most people tend to choose diamond engagement rings (however, there are alternatives). If you are one of them, you should know all about the 4 Cs before you make your purchase. Diamonds, as we all know, are not cheap. Thus, you want to ensure that you get quality for your money. With a diamond colour and clarity chart, you can better understand the 4 Cs and what they refer to.

The 4 Cs stand for the cut, colour, clarity, and carat of a diamond. A diamond’s colour and clarity are essential factors you need to consider when purchasing a diamond engagement ring. The clarity measures the minute blemishes and inclusions in the diamond when magnified, while the natural colour is just as essential concerning its quality. ‘White’ diamond colours can range from near colourless to a pale yellow colour, which can be very noticeable in person and really dim the sparkle of your stone. Both the clarity and the colour are important when the stone has a higher carat weight, as flaws becomes easily detectible in a larger stone.

  1. The stones and settings are usually sold individually

Most people may not know that the centre stones and settings are frequently sold separately. Thus, shopping for an engagement ring is looking for two items: the centre stone, and the setting or framework where the centre stone is set.

Still, there are places to purchase pre-set stones, and many professional jewellers can even reset engagement rings. However, buying the stone and setting individually is still the best option, as this is more common. It also gives you complete control over your budget, and the quality of the final product.

  1. It is best to order your engagement ring in advance

If you purchase a pre-set engagement ring, you may not need to place your order early. However, a custom-made engagement ring takes time to complete. In addition, your jeweller has to set the stone you selected on its setting, which requires some time.

With this in mind, we recommend ordering your engagement ring about six weeks before your planned proposal date to ensure that you have it with you when you pop the question. Better still, ask your jeweller how long it will take and work from there.

It is always best to understand all about engagement rings and what you need to look for before purchasing. Since they are expensive, and intended to last a lifetime, you always want to ensure that you have made an excellent choice.

Remember that engagement rings are incredibly personal. the trick to buying the perfect one is to pay attention to your partner and think about their personal style. You can read more about choosing the perfect engagement ring here.




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