Unusual gift ideas for newly weds

Unusual gift ideas for newly weds

Wondering what to gift your friends on their wedding day? Some couples ask for specific items, others ask for cash towards their honeymoon, and some insist they don’t want anything at all. Regardless, there are many ways you can surprise them with something thoughtful and unique.

Here is a guide with a few ideas to help you get the ball rolling.


Consider gifting them their favourite food, that you could cook yourself (if you fancy yourself as a Michelin Star chef) or purchase that special food that takes them back to a memorable time with you.  You could also get creative and make your own hamper. With this you can be as indulgent as you wish, filling the hamper with sweet chocolate gifts or rare caviar and a bottle of champagne.

wedding gift basket


Couples will appreciate the chance to upgrade things they might already have, such as their dinnerware and glassware. If you want to think out of the box, you can get them some uniquely designed, creative pieces.

You could also gift them interior design pieces if, for example, they are moving into a new home together. These could be really nice quality pieces, things like a vase, a rug, cushions, throws, mirrors or lamps.


An amazing artwork would be a memorable gift for their home. This could be a print or original by their favourite artist, a modern art piece or even a painting of the couple themselves. Other art ideas include gifting them a sculpture; an ice sculpture for their wedding venue would be sure to make an impact on the big day and is a temporary fun gift.


You can find many activity-based gifts by gifting them vouchers and tickets to an experience. This could be related to their favourite hobbies or something you enjoy doing together. This could be a Spa membership, museum entry tickets, or a voucher for hotel or travel. If you know they would love it, you could even gift lessons to a class, such as cooking, cocktail making or painting. This could be a laugh and they might even test out their new skills.


For some couples starting a new life together can be tough and its always handy to have essential techs like a vacuum cleaner or iron.

On the other hand, you could surprise them with some high-end tech gadgets such as a coffee machine, robot cleaners, rice cooker, smart toasters and smart speakers. The latest home tech gadgets include smart AI appliances, which include refrigerators that can keep track of their contents, ovens and ACs.

There are many options out there for whatever you decide to gift!

What unique gifts should you buy for newlyweds?
  • Newlywed bathrobes
  • Custom home doormat
  • Food or dessert hamper
  • Custom address stamp
  • Artwork (Painting, vase, sculpture)
  • Activity-based gifts (Spa membership, museum entry tickets, lessons for their favourite hobby
  • Robot floor cleaner
  • Coffee machine
  • Personalised wine bottle
What is the most common wedding gifts?
  • Crystal decanter sets
  • Personalised Champagne flutes
  • Cutting board for cooking
  • Personalised wine glasses
  • Drink coasters
  • Cocktail set
  • His and Hers mugs


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