Wedding anniversary By Year – Our Complete Gift Guide

Wedding anniversaries are special milestones that reflect years of growth and love. From saying ‘I do’ to celebrating a special big milestone, every couple has come a long way; this needs to be cherished and appreciated.

Across cultures and countries, each anniversary has a special meaning with an even more special gift that is usually given to the couple. While people do have different ways of celebrating this special journey, there are many traditional and modern wedding gifts and cards that have always been favoured.

Whether it is for your significant other, a family member or a close friend, there are many thoughtful and sentimental gifts to choose from. If you’re on the lookout for sentimental and incredible wedding anniversary gifts, you’ve come to the right place.

Our short guide of anniversary gifts by year will help you find something special for your nearest and dearest.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1st To 10th Anniversaries

The first ten years of your journey are your main years of growth. Since the marriage is still new, many traditions included gifts that were affordable yet special.

The first anniversary gift is thus paper because it symbolises strength and connectivity, a clean canvas on which you start your journey. From handmade cards to a custom illustration or maybe even a cookbook, there are several things you can choose from.

The second anniversary gift is cotton as it represents two people being interwoven together. Its modern counterpart is china. However, many usually opt for the traditional cotton gift. Some options you could consider are matching pillowcases and robes, soft linens, ceramic mugs and plates, etc.

The third anniversary gift is leather due to its strong nature. It’s durable and protective, symbolic of your marriage journey. Gifts like wallets or a watch are perfect for this anniversary. Its modern counterpart is crystal or glass with several gift options including decor pieces that you could consider.

The fourth anniversary gift should represent something blossoming and ripening making fruits and flowers the obvious choice. The fifth and sixth wedding anniversary gifts include wood and candy to represent strength and sweetness. Similarly, the seventh and eighth anniversary gifts include copper/wool and bronze which represent warmth and the blending of two together. From personal clothing items to figurines and decor, there’s a variety of gifts available.

For the ninth anniversary gift, pottery made of clay is very popular. Symbolically, it means the moulding of great beauty which will have a lasting presence. Here. you could consider making a personalised ceramic pot for your significant other or someone close to you.

For a decade together, the tenth anniversary gift is tin or aluminium. These metals depict the resilience and togetherness of a married couple. A great idea you could consider for this milestone are rings for your partner, decor pieces, or metallic photo frames.

11th To 20th Anniversaries

For an eleventh anniversary gift steel is the traditional material as it symbolises resolve. For the twelfth anniversary, protection, security and comfort are the main ideals which are best reflected by silk and linens. Gifts for these anniversaries could include stainless steel watches and house decor, and silk or linen clothing or bedding.

For a thirteenth anniversary, lace is usually opted for as it reflects the close bonds that the couple have created in their 13 years of togetherness.

Ivory was the controversial fourteenth anniversary gift which was then replaced by the colour ivory. With this, anything thoughtful like an ivory marble pen or an ivory picture frame could work great. Due to the transparency a couple develops over the years, crystal became the fifteenth anniversary gift.

The next two quirky gifts for the sixteenth and seventeenth anniversary are wax and furniture. Although for wax, people opt for silver holloware which is the modern alternative, you can go for either of the two. Furniture is usually the gift for the 17th anniversary as it represents the home a couple has created together. This means you could consider furniture upgrades around the house; functional and sentimental, it’s amazing, isn’t it?

Eighteenth and nineteenth anniversaries include porcelain and copper which reflect humble beginnings that blossom into beauty.

For the twentieth milestone, the traditional and delicate china is the gift many opt for to represent the beauty and delicate nature of the relationship. Platinum is the modern alternative that is another great choice that you could consider.

The Big Milestones

After the twentieth anniversary, people usually focus on the big milestones instead of focusing on a specific gift for each year. While the years in between the milestones are equally important, you can choose to celebrate them however you wish.

For a twenty-fifth anniversary, also known as the silver anniversary, it’s no surprise that silver gifts are usually popular amongst all. Reflecting the brilliance of a marriage, silver is both traditional and modern with various bespoke gift options to choose from.

The thirtieth anniversary is celebrated with pearl that represents honesty and innocence that is part of most relationships. Vibrant coral is the traditional gift for a thirty-fifth wedding anniversary symbolising love and friendship.

Ruby and sapphire are the fortieth and forty-fifth anniversary gifts. Ruby reflects protection and wisdom whereas sapphire stands for royalty and ageing gracefully.

The fiftieth anniversary, the golden milestone, is celebrated with gold to reflect the lifetime of amazing memories together. This impressive and massive milestone represents the beautiful golden journey every couple has had and surely deserves a lavish celebration.

To Conclude

Anniversary gifts have traditional and modern options with beautiful symbolism behind each of them making them more special than any other gift. The celebration of each additional year of togetherness for every couple, through these thoughtful and sentimental gifts are an incredible way to celebrate their journey.

While these gift ideas are without a doubt beautiful, you can always add your personal gift to these to make the celebration even more special. The gesture will surely make the couple feel warm and happy.

What are the traditional anniversary themes by year?
1st Year Paper – 2nd Year Cotton – 3rd Year Leather – 4th Year Linen/Silk – 5th Year Wood – 6th Year Candy – 7th Year Wool – 8th Year Salt – 9th Year Copper – 10th Year Tin – 11th Year Steel – 12th Year Linen/Silk – 13th Year Lace – 14th Year Ivory – 15th Year Crystal – 16th Year Silverware – 17th Year Furniture – 18th Year Porcelain – 19th Year Bronze – 20th Year China – 25th Year Silver – 30th Year Pearl – 35th Year Coral – 40th Year Ruby – 45th Year Sapphire – 50th Year Gold – 55th Year Emerald – 60th Year Diamond
What are the modern anniversary themes by year?
1st Year Clocks – 2nd Year China – 3rd Year Crystal/Glass – 4th Year Electrical Appliances – 5th Year Silverware – 6th Year Wood – 7th Year Desk Sets – 8th Year Linen/Lace – 9th Year Leather – 10th Year Diamond Jewellery – 11th Year Fashion Jewellery – 12th Year Pearls – 13th Year Textiles: Furs – 14th Year Gold Jewellery – 15th Year Watches – 16th Year Silverware – 17th Year Furniture – 18th Year Porcelain – 19th Year Bronze – 20th Year Platinum – 25th Year Silver – 30th Year Pearl – 35th Year Coral – 40th Year Ruby – 45th Year Sapphire – 50th Year Gold – 55th Year Emerald – 60th Year Diamond
What are the anniversary theme colours by year?
1st Year Gold; Yellow – 2nd Year Red – 3rd Year Jade; White – 4th Year Blue; Green – 5th Year Blue; Pink; Turquoise – 6th Year Purple; White; Turquoise – 7th Year Yellow; Off-White – 8th Year Bronze – 9th Year Terracotta – 10th Year Silver; Blue – 11th Year Turquoise – 12th Year Oyster-White – 13th Year White – 14th Year Ivory – 15th Year Red – 16th Year Silver- 17th Year Yellow – 18th Year Blue – 19th Year Bronze – 20th Year Emerald – 25th Year Silver – 30th Year Green – 35th Year Coral – 40th Year Red – 45th Year Blue – 50th Year Gold – 55th Year Emerald-Green – 60th Year Diamond-White
What are the anniversary gemstones by year?
1st Year Gold Jewellery – 2nd Year Garnet – 3rd Year Pearl – 4th Year Blue Topaz – 5th Year Sapphire – 6th Year Amethyst – 7th Year Onyx – 8th Year Tourmaline – 9th Year Lapis Lazuli – 10th Year Diamond – 11th Year Turquoise – 12th Year Jade – 13th Year Citrine – 14th Year Opal – 15th Year Ruby – 16th Year Peridot – 17th Year Carnelian – 18th Year Cat’s Eye – 19th Year Aquamarine – 20th Year Emerald-Green; White – 25th Year Silver Jewellery – 30th Year Pearl – 35th Year Emerald – 40th Year Ruby – 45th Year Sapphire – 50th Year Gold – 55th Year Alexandrite – 60th Year Diamond