Wedding Colour Ideas

wedding colour ideas

One of our favourite wedding colour ideas is green, and we were delighted to hear that Pantone crowned ‘Greenery’ as their colour of 2017. It reminds us of being outdoors, amongst nature and on long walks through fields and forests but best of all, country weddings are one of our favourite types of events to plan!

But what do the colour experts over at Pantone really mean by the term ‘greenery’? It seems to us a bit of an ambiguous term – does it include forest green or bottle green, perhaps even lime green or sage green? We couldn’t agree on what they meant! So we read through their fantastic emotive and descriptive words that accompany the colour and they had us hooked on Greenery with just the first sentence…

Symbolic of new beginnings. Isn’t that just wonderful for the context of a wedding and the start of a marriage? Greenery represents the life a couple starts together on the day they say ‘I do’ – one of the most important new beginnings you can embark on. Now it’s unlikely all of your guests will arrive on your wedding day and pick up on this symbolism (they may be too busy dancing or taking yet another set of photos at the photo booth!), but we think it’s quite special that you and your other half will both know that each bit of greenery around you on your day will remind you of the new beginning you will share together.

Pantone describes greenery as ‘a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade’, which is not to everyone’s taste. For some couples, greenery will only ever make an appearance within a bouquet, buttonhole or in a table centrepiece. And for others, it may never feature at all. But those who like the idea of incorporating a more vibrant shade of green (that may be traditionally found at a wedding) may want a bit of inspiration as to how to do this subtly and tastefully. Below, we have a few ideas of how you can do this:


Marquees are becoming more and more popular for weddings – especially as they can be set up almost anywhere and usually, this means within a beautiful country setting in a large garden or field. Once set up and you step inside, it can feel like a very plain white empty space, which can defeat the object of having your reception in an outside space. Of course, some couples love the contrast and simplicity this brings. But if you want to soften the design and style inside your marquee so it feels like an extension of the garden with the outside coming in, greenery is an absolutely perfect colour to tone down the blank canvas of a bright white tent. We think you can go a bit brighter and bolder with the vibrancy of Pantone’s greenery in a venue such as this with hanging foliage chandeliers and over-the-top aisle borders.


Glass works wonderfully with all colours but what’s brilliant about its transparency is that it doesn’t detract from the greens in the floral pieces where a coloured vase, plate or candleholder could do. Try clear glass charger plates sitting on a beautiful green leaf as a table setting. Conversely, placing a white candle in a green bottle for evening lighting works wonderfully.


For the bridesmaid dresses, the groomsmen’s suits, the table linen – neutrals whisper nature and therefore complement greenery perfectly. If this feels too plain for you, add a pop of bold colour here and there to add a bit of interest (maybe in the bouquet or the napkins).


You’ll probably have seen the giant confetti balloons that have graced many a wedding. Well, someone has come up with the wonderful idea of using green foliage for the tail of a beautiful white balloon – this looks beautifully sophisticated and adds a bit of extra fun to the day.

Think about some of the textures that would complement greenery well. If you’re bringing greenery to the table using foliage, consider the metal of the cutlery – perhaps a brushed copper or gold would work well.

Also what about some emerald jewellery to compliment the colour scheme?

Finally, have a look at the colour pairings suggested by Pantone. These are really useful and can help with ideas for accompanying colours if you wanted more than greenery with neutrals and whites. We love their ‘Analogous’ colour palette which would work wonderfully if you were to pick a colour or two to complement greenery for your big day.


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