Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

We know that finding the right wedding dress for you is crucial as you will want to feel special for your special day. It can be also challenging to find the right bridesmaid dresses that suit the style and theme of your wedding.

There is no need to worry as we have compiled together wedding dress shopping tips and advice for finding the right dresses for your bridesmaids. If you follow our tips and you are sure to find the perfect wedding dress for you and bridesmaid dresses for your bridal squad.

    • Stop dreaming and get a reality check. Fit, fabric, style and price make a BIG difference, so be open-minded and listen to the professionals.
    • Try on different styles and make sure the neckline is flattering, as it will be seen the most in photos.
    • It’s very easy to know which wedding dress is the one — consider comfort, style and fit, as well as the time, date and location of your wedding. Let’s not forget that big one: PRICE. However, with that in mind, remember beauty has no budget.
    • As for who you should bring with you to your bridal salon appointment, you should bring anyone who you feel will be supportive. Friends who are truthful are not always helpful. Think twice before you bring your best friends, sister or girlfriend who was married ten years ago, and on a mountain top. Keep with close and true friends and family.
    • Don’t forget to bring undergarments to your appointment! While most salons provide these items, wearing your own will keep you from thinking about something that is pinching and/or ill-fitting.
    • Remember to bring shoes that you like, regardless of colour… it’s the heel that is most important.
    • Visit as many bridal salons as it takes for you to feel comfortable with the staff and services, and make sure all alterations are done by the salon’s staff, and at that location.


  • Location is a big consideration for fittings and after-work appointments for your wedding party and the mother of the bride. A salon that carries dresses for the mother of the bride, bridesmaids, flower girls, as well as elegant eveningwear and tuxes, is ideal for one-stop shopping and keeps you and your wedding party from running all over town. It also helps you build a relationship with the dress shopping helpBridesmaid Dress Style Tips:

    When shopping for bridesmaid dresses, take a cue from nature:

      • Autumn: Look at golds, browns and natural colours
      • Winter: Think of jewel tones like deep red and hunter green
      • Spring: Blues, pale yellow, and mint green shades
      • Summer: Brights or naturals, but avoid red in the heat — it’s the hardest colour to reduce in Photoshop.


  • While short may be fun and sassy for bridesmaids, be on the lookout for shoes, as they will play a very important part in the look of a short dress, along with the shape of their legs and ankles. This is where you will find that not all are created equal. Also, you will need to make sure all of your bridesmaids are standing in first position while taking photos — not like they are getting ready to do a 500-yard run.
  • Big Day Beauty Tips:After the wedding ceremony and before you head into the reception, there are three simple things that will make a very BIG hit … and all of them you can carry in your handbag:
    • black eyeliner
    • chandelier earrings
    • red lipstick

    Contour your eyes with the black eyeliner, exchange your ceremony earrings for the longer, more fashionable chandelier earrings, and then run the red lip colour across your bottom lip, blot, and go. This will ensure a great smile, brighter teeth, and a fabulous vintage look in black-and-white photos.

How should I wear my hair for wedding dress shopping?
If your looking to choose a dress with a higher neckline then wearing your hair up or back will be the best choice. If you want a sweetheart bodice dress then were your hair half up and half down with some hair falling around your shoulders.
When is the best time to go wedding dress shopping?
You should ideally start looking for a dress around 8 months before your wedding day.
Should I buy a wedding dress a size bigger?
It is always better to purchase a dress that is a size bigger because it is easier to make parts of the gown smaller than larger.
What do you wear under your wedding dress?
Make sure to choose and wear the same undergarments that you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. It is recommended that seamless underwear is worn under your wedding dress as they don’t hug your hips as much as the ones with elastic waists and side seams. You may also want to wear a seamless thong if your wedding dress is very fitted so that no one can see your panty line.
How many dresses should you try on?
Most brides try on 4 to 7 dresses to get a good idea of what design they want. Trying more than 10 dresses may not be productive as you may not be ready to end the shopping experience and fully commit to buying a gown.