16 Inspiring Wedding Flowers and Decorations Ideas

wedding flowers and decorations

A wedding is a special day in everyone’s life. We want it to be perfect and dreamy. The big day is almost like a life changer. The first thing that comes to our minds when we think of weddings is the decorations. Colourful drapes, fresh flowers, twinkling lights, all play a great role in weddings. We need to pre-plan all these to make the wedding day perfect. Wedding flowers and decorations depend on various things.

Things to consider before starting

The Venue

The venue of your wedding matters a lot. If you have a church wedding, you cannot make major alterations, or add personalized things. The decoration must be subtle, simple, and minimal. But if you have a beach wedding, you can add all the fancy decorations you please. Beach weddings can be decorated beautifully. You can add drapes, flowers, lights, photo collages, and personal signatures to make your wedding more special and personalized.


Some of us have grand plans for our wedding, but we do not have the budget to support that plan. In that case, we have to make alterations in the plan to complete the decoration without exceeding the set budget. So, one must plan their wedding decorations, keeping the budget in mind.


Every wedding has a theme. Your decoration must go with the set theme. For example, if you have a beach wedding, you can use white and pink fancy drapes and flowers to give it a natural look. You cannot use royal furniture and lighting at a beach wedding. So, everyone should choose the type of decoration that will go with the wedding theme.
After considering every aspect, we should plan our wedding. Below are some great wedding decoration ideas that can be incorporated in almost any type of wedding. All these decoration ideas will give a personal touch to your wedding.

wedding sign

Here are some Wedding Flowers and Decorations Ideas to give you inspiration

Ceiling drapes

Simple drapes can do wonders for a wedding venue. Consider decorating the ceiling with simple and elegant white drapes. They will give your wedding a classically romantic look. If you want some fun vibe, you can also add bright coloured drapes. Drapes can be decorated with lights or flowers as well.

Hanging flowers

Wedding décor is incomplete without flowers. Flowers add great fragrance and make the wedding venue aesthetically pleasing. Instead of using flowers only on the tables, consider hanging them from the ceiling. Thus, they will remain fresh for a long time and add a special floral touch to your wedding.

Chalkboard signatures

Chalkboards with different matching colours can be a great decoration at the entrance of your wedding. You can also drape a written message with lights, or garlands.

wedding flower decorations

Table lamps

You can use small elegant table lamps decorated with flowers on each table to create a romantic atmosphere. This will also hide the cords of the lamps. Colourful dim lights add a special charm to the place.

Photo collage wall

You can decorate one wall with a Photo Collage. Add you and your partner’s photos, family photos, friends’ photos to decorate the wall. Use new fancy photo frames that match our wedding theme. Photos are great for conversation starters. They will remind us of the old happy memories and make the wedding decoration personalized.

Hanging paper lanterns

Who does not love hanging paper lanterns? They have a very romantic vibe. Use thousands of paper lanterns to decorate your ceiling, and you are good to go. You can use single coloured or multi-coloured lanterns. They will do their miracle, and you can enjoy the most romantic wedding.

Colourful background

Guests look forward to clicking good photos at a wedding. It will be great if we add some photogenic backgrounds that they can use to clicking good pictures. You can use different colours and shapes to create some innovative backgrounds. For example, paper flowers, garlands, balloons, stars, make great backgrounds.


Candles can be a great wedding décor. The natural romantic candlelight can make your wedding venue traditional and fancy at the same time. You can decorate the candles with small white flowers at the bottom. Those long tall taper candles can turn your wedding venue into a charming scene of dancing lights. Chandeliers can also create a fairytale-like atmosphere.

Go for wooden furniture

If you are confused between metal or wooden furniture, you must go for wooden furniture. This gives the wedding a natural look, plus wooden furniture look more elegant when you decorate them with lights or flower garlands.

Innovative lighting

We can experiment with the lighting to bring uniqueness to our wedding. One can hang light strings from the ceiling to create a starry sky look, or put lights in a jar to create a rustic look. We can use single or two coloured lights that go with our theme, or we can use multi-coloured lights to make the venue more fun.

winter wedding flowers and decorations

Use unique table numbers

Make use of different objects to put your table labels on. You can put the numbers or names on small flower vessels, small wine bottles, or lanterns, instead of just putting them regularly on the tabletop.

Table runners

Instead of using regular table runners and some central decorative flower vessels, you can use innovative table runners and use several small flower vases to decorate them. Uniquely decorated table runners catch many eyes.

Flower wall

You can also reserve one wall only for flower decorations. Rose stems, petals, vines, greenery, and garlands can decorate the whole wall. This will also create a natural background for photos.

Final Thoughts

We want to do everything that can make our wedding special. All these simple decoration tips can make your wedding fancy and dreamy. These can be used in almost every wedding. They will also help you to lower your expenses to some extent. The wedding itself is a ceremony of love, and the decorations should showcase the love between the couple.


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