What to include on a wedding invitation

wedding invitation

So you have all set for the D day. From the dream dress that makes you look like a princess to choosing the perfect venue to say I do, you have everything ready, don’t you? The caterers have been contacted, the menu has been fixed, and hey, even the honeymoon has been planned.

What else is remaining? The guests, of course! While you do know who to invite, it’s how to do it that needs some thinking. The wedding invitation is not just a piece of paper you will be sending to the guests. It’s a reflection of the wedding, of the couple, and their love. If you are having a themed wedding, the invitation should be a part of the theme.

While the design of the invitation is one factor to consider, the details you want to include are another. From the date to the venue to any extra specifications, each piece of information has to be clear and concise. You will need to find that perfect balance between sharing information, being warm, and expressing your happiness.

In this post, let’s see the details you should include in your wedding invitation. Before that, we talk a little about the style or type of invitation you want to choose.

  • Is your wedding going to be traditional?
  • Are you planning a modern version with some fun thrown in?
  • Did you choose the English summer wedding theme?
  • Is the wedding outdoors or indoors?
  • Is it in the city or the lush countryside?
  • Who is paying for the wedding and the dinner party?
  • How many do you plan to invite for a special occasion?
  • Who are you inviting? Family? Friends? Colleagues?
  • What funds have you allotted for the wedding?

You might be wondering why as many questions should be answered for a simple wedding invitation. But trust us when we say that all the questions indeed play a role.

For example, if you are having a traditional wedding, the invitation should be on similar lines with classy borders and sophisticated language. Now, if your wedding is going to be relaxed or has a superhero theme, the invitation will have to look different.

Also, you have to decide who is inviting the guests. Will be from both the families, or will be from the bride/ groom’s family, or will it be on behalf of the couple?

Ultimately, your budget will decide the kind of invitations to pick. Though you get wonderful hand-crafted invitations for cost-effective prices, if you want the best, you will have to pay more. Once you have specific answers to the above questions, we can move to the items that should be included in your wedding invitation.

  • Heading- Invite

How you wish to phrase things depends on the theme and formality of the wedding. The wording can be light and casual or use lyrical prose. The idea here is to show guests that you are inviting them to a wedding.

  • Names of the Couple

Well, no points for guessing. Once guests know it’s a wedding invitation, they’ll want to know who the couple is. Traditional invitations have the name of the bride, followed by the name of the groom. That doesn’t mean it has to be continued. Some like to go alphabetically, while others decide the order based on how poetic the overall invitation sounds. Or alternatively, you can add a monogram to the envelope with both your initials.

  • Location and Venue of the Wedding

Now, it’s time to tell them where the wedding is going to take place. You don’t have to add the full address in the invitation. That can be included in the information card. But the names of the region and the venue have to be mentioned. If there are two different venues (one for the wedding and another for reception), we recommend you to mention both.

  • Date and Time of the Wedding

These are very important details. The guests should know when they should attend the happy occasion, isn’t it? Mention the date in a clear format, followed by the time of the wedding and the reception. If it is going to be a multi-day event, you’ll have to list the days and the corresponding events so that they can plan their schedule. Especially, if the wedding is outside London, guests would want to have all the required details before sending their confirmation.

  • Information about the Reception

If the reception is going to be elsewhere, the guests will need to know how to reach the place. Will you be making arrangements for transport? Are they on their own? Most importantly, if you are inviting some guests only for the reception, mention it in this section. Make it as clear as possible to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

  • RSVP Section

This is yet another important section to include in the invitation. Ask your guests to respond before a certain date. Make sure you have enough time to inform the caterers about the same. If the wedding invitation card looks too cute to have the RSVP section on it, shift it to the information card.

  • Information Card

Depending on the size and font you choose for the wedding invitation, you will need to move certain details to another card. This card is known as an information card and includes additional yet important information, such as the full address of the venue, the theme of the wedding, and any costume requirements you expect the guests to comply with, and the RSVP section.

  • Space of Handwritten Messages

While having space to include handwritten messages by the bride and groom is not compulsory, it is preferred by a lot of them. A simple message adds the personal touch to the invitation and shows the guests that their presence will be appreciated and loved.

Wedding Invitation – Conclusion

Wedding envelopes are also a part of the invitation. You can decide between one or two envelopes along with making sure there is a return address, date, and initials on the backside.




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