25 Ways to Use a Monogram at your wedding

One of the easiest ways to put a personal stamp on your wedding, and to tie together the entire look, is to use your initials as a decorative accent. The monogram is a classic choice for weddings and with good reason. It makes a wonderful decorative element and is a cute way to include the couple’s initials on the day of their nuptials. From a practical perspective, it’s also a clever way to personalize the shower gifts, offering a little reminder of the couple’s names and wedding date.

Here are 25 creative ways to make the most of your monogram.

1. Adorn your invitations with a printed, engraved or letterpressed logo created from your initials.

2. Wear a monogrammed terry hoodie while getting your hair and makeup done. Be sure your photographer snaps a shot for your wedding album.

3. Show appreciation to your out-of-town guests with a handwritten note on monogrammed stationery tucked into their welcome bags.

4. Create an instant heirloom by having your ring bearer carry the rings on a pillow that’s stitched with your new married initial.

5. Give seating cards a sophisticated look by embellishing them with your monogram.

6. In lieu of a guest book, have everyone sign a piece of fabric that’s embroidered with your married initial; after the wedding, you can have it sewn into a quilt.

25 Ways to Use a Monogram at your wedding

7. Liven the look of your bar by adding glass bowls of monogrammed M&M’s in your wedding colours.

8. Get creative at your cocktail hour by serving dip in a hollowed-out bread loaf in the shape of your married initial.

9. A fresh idea for the first course is to serve individual pot pies with a monogram made of crust added to the top.

10. Have linen cocktail napkins sewn with your initial. You can use these beyond the wedding for at-home entertaining.

11. Give your bride and groom chairs a personal touch with monogrammed cloth covers or sheer wraps.

12. For a glittery walk down the aisle, use a runner with a sequined or bejewelled monogram appliqué.

13. Personalize your programs with a monogrammed cover design.

14. Use your monogram in a more subtle way by having it sewn into the hem or onto the sash of your wedding dress.

15. Get playful in pictures by carrying a parasol emblazoned with your married initial.


16. Add an elegant floral flourish to the church entrance or to your chuppah with a custom wreath in the shape of your married initial.

17. For one-of-a-kind groom’s attire, have your married initials stitched on the cuffs of his sleeves or embroidered on a pocket square. Or give him monogrammed enamel cuff links to wear.

18. Instead of attaching a flower to dinner napkins, wrap them with a scripted initial paper belly band.

19. Encircle the stems of your bouquet with vintage ribbon stitched with your monogram and wedding date.

20. Decorate the dance floor with a gobo-light projection of your married monogram.

21. Favours are a perfect way to personalize — anything from candles and soaps to boxes of chocolates and candy apples can be accented with your initial.

22. Ask your caterer to dress up the dessert course by adding a swirl of chocolate sauce in the shape of your initial.

23. For a kicked-up coffee service, add monogrammed petits fours or rock-candy stirrers with a tag featuring your initial.

24. Your monogram can be the main design element of your wedding cake: Have it hand-stamped on one of the tiers and filled in with coloured sugar, or add a jewelled initial in lieu of a traditional cake topper.

25. For a signature look on your honeymoon, sport monogrammed bikini bottoms. (Be sure to have your husband snap a photo of you from behind!)

Monogram weddign examples

What is a monogram?

A monogram is a motif made by combining or overlapping two or more letters to form one symbol. In this case, the monogram would be made by combining the initials of a couple to personalise their day and union.


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