How to Choose a Wedding Dress

wedding dress

Have you found your dream dress yet? Oops! Wrong question, right! Choosing a wedding dress is no easy task. Add to it the pressure to deal with others’ opinions and suggestions even if you don’t want them. The themed weddings make it even hard to pick a dress, or do you think is it the other way round?

None! Themed or non-themed wedding dresses need a lot of thought, time, money, and, most importantly, emotional involvement. As a would-be bride, when you try out various dresses, you will simply know if you find the right one. We aren’t exaggerating. It happens to every one of us. But until then, we’ve got to try dozens of pieces in various boutiques.

However, having a wedding checklist will always come in handy when choosing a wedding dress. It’s no surprise that time is of the utmost importance. It is better to start your search 6-8 months before the wedding date. If you start a year earlier, you’ll be lucky. You have the time to visit countless boutiques, meet designers, check the latest designs on the internet, or get a friend to design one for you.

It will give you and the designer enough time to discuss, choose the right material, accessories, and start working on bringing it all together. Regular trials and fittings are going to be a part of the process. If you aim to lose or gain weight by the D day, starting in advance will give you an idea about how to achieve the target.

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Let’s start with the most crucial part of the wedding. How much have you set aside for the dress? While you don’t have to stick to that figure, you should be able to save the remaining amount by the time the dress is ready. This is one of the reasons we repeatedly urge brides to start early. The more time on the hands, the more you can save. The cost also depends on whether you are willing to buy a shelf or want it exclusively designed.


White has been here for centuries. That doesn’t mean you have to choose the same. Unless you are planning a typical traditional wedding, you have the freedom to opt for other colours as well. From pale pinks to coral hues to foamy sky blues and deep maroons, you can pick any colour. Go with something that naturally suits your skin tone, hair colour, and eyes.

Model/ Style 

We are going to keep it brief here. Why? This point alone is so exhaustive; we could write and write about the various styles and models that have been used and are popular. The style of your dress should suit the theme of the wedding and your personality. By personality, we mean both your physique and your attitude. From off-shoulders to mermaid cuts to jumpsuits and skirts with Victorian tops, you can choose any model. The dress doesn’t necessarily have to be a gown either.


We always emphasize and remind would-be brides the importance of choosing the right underwear for the dress. Your undies have to be comfortable and of the right fit. They should suit your dress. But pay attention to comfort first.

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Veils are not compulsory (unless they are according to your family). But if you want to pick one, there are various options to choose from. From heavy patterns to feathery light versions, you can either buy a new or a secondhand one. Veils of parent/ grandparent/ friend/ relative you love and admire will bring the emotional connection as well.

Wedding Venue, Season, Time

The time, season, and venue can play spoilsport on more than one occasion. But you’ve got to consider these factors without fail. If you have an outdoor wedding during the sunset, your dress cannot be in the same hues. You or your bridesmaids don’t want to blend with the background. Similarly, a full-length multi-layered gown with lace and puffs can make you sweat and itchy in peak summer (unless you don’t step out of the AC rooms).

Who to Go Shopping With?

There have been such issues with this part, right? Taking the wrong person can ruin the experience for you. While it is best to go on your own, you can ask someone you completely trust and admire to accompany you. Be it your mother (if she is not already hyperventilating), your best friend, or a colleague whose taste is excellent. The person should be encouraging and level-headed while leaving you to make the final decision. Let them add to your happiness, not dampen it.

Number of Dresses

Brides these days prefer to have a different dress for different occasions. If your budget permits, there is absolutely no problem with it. But if you are running on a tight wedding budget and still want to wear another dress for the reception, it is still possible. You can either invest in something less costly or buy a wedding dress with removable accessories. Maybe you can remove the train and keep the narrow skirt? Lot of options to try.

Your Partner’s Dress

We know it’s supposed to be top-secret. But you will need to have an idea about what your partner is planning to wear. The aim is to look good individually and together as a couple. Make sure your approaches match, and the colours complement each other. If you want brownie points, bring an emergency bridal kit.

It’s Your Wedding Dress

The biggest hindrance to buying the wedding dress is your mind. It can either be a blessing or a curse. If you don’t feel right in a dress, don’t pick it. It doesn’t matter how many like the dress. It doesn’t matter if a celebrity endorses it. If you don’t feel good in it, try another.

Don’t forget to take into account your bridesmaids and their dresses. You ladies should complement each other and bring out the best.

Finally, take a deep breath and believe in your gut. If your heart screams yes to a dress, pick it up. Don’t give it a second thought!


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