How to pick a Wedding Music Band: A Wedding Entertainment Guide

Live wedding entertainment will definitely make your wedding a totally unique experience. It is the most interactive and enjoyable way to get your guests up on their feet.

If you are wondering how to pick a wedding music band, don’t worry since we are here to help. Firstly, you need to make a choice between a DJ or a live band. This article will give tips for hiring a wedding music band.

Do your research on the Best Wedding Band in your area

Get the most out of your wedding band by knowing how to pick the right. In order to pick the best one, do good research. In the UK, there are many wedding music bands that provide a good mix of music.

They all claim to be the UK’s best music wedding band.  Spend some time online learning about them.  Use reviews to tell if they are good. Check how they look. Do they have any professional shots taken?

Do research about their style of music.  Also, do they have a sample of their work? Do not forget to ask event coordinators, photographers, caterers, wedding planners, and florists, they might know good wedding bands.

Check out Websites

Your search will lead you to websites of some bands.  A website can give you an idea of how they look and their style.  Check their photos, especially the ones taken in action. Watch the videos, are they good? Contact the band that impressed you.

Communicate to them via email or phone number. Ask for their price and if they can handle your needs in a timely fashion.

Book Early

If you book your wedding entertainment early, you will not only get them at a good price but will also get the most popular wedding band. Start booking about 5 to 8 months before your wedding date.

Planning early will also guarantee that you will get the wedding band that you are looking for.

Wedding Entertainment and Band Guide

Does the Local Wedding Band have a Playlist?

Wedding bands are responsible for leading the show. Therefore, they should have a selection of sure hits to perform at your wedding. The playlist should include the top 30 favourite songs in the UK such as;

  • Make you Feel my Love by Bob Dylan or Adele
  • Into my Arms by Nick Cave
  • Better Together by Jack Johnson
  • Stand by Me by Ben E King
  • Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
  • At Last by Etta James
  • All of Me by John Legend
  • You are all I need to get By by Marvin Gaye

Music excites the crowd and makes sure guests are always on the dance floor.  During your consultation, ask the playlist to review.  Ask them if they can play your favourites. The wedding reception band should be able to download, learn, and play your favourite songs.

Make sure you have marked must-play songs and do not play from the playlist. Do not assume these musicians will play all your favourites.  Also, the last thing you want is a band that plays live music that they like or bad music that will kill the vibe.

It is a plus if they can also read the crowd and customize the playlist so as to keep your friends and family on the dance floor.  Do not forget that the best wedding bands take special requests, are flexible, and are eager to please.

Style of Music

This is one of the things to consider when looking for a live band wedding.  You have to pay attention during the consultation stage and choose the style/s of music that you want.

Although most professional wedding bands play a mix of popular music, there are those that specialize in;

  •         Pop hits
  •         Dance music
  •         Alternative rock
  •         Acoustic
  •         Classical music
  •         Folk music

Do not make the music mistake of sticking to one genre.  Although you and your partner may truly love only classical music, 7 hours of it will make some of your guests want to leave early.

Let your band mix different genres for everybody to enjoy.  Do not forget to play your parent’s favourite, let them enjoy your special day too.

wedding music

Set your Budget for wedding entertainment

Before you even think about looking for a local wedding band, set your budget.  Go for a band that you can afford.

The UK has some of the finest in Europe.  These are musicians that perform celebrity weddings, corporate events, and even other events.

They will play your favourite music, are willing to play additional songs, and perform sets for dancing so as to make your day special.  They also incorporate a set of musical instruments such as saxophone, piano, trumpet, and trombone.

UK Live Band Wedding Price

Their price ranges from £600 to £3,000. This is as of January 2021. Their cost varies depending on the band’s size, their experience, and the type of band that you want. The cost can also be affected by;

  •         The venue of your wedding in relation to the location of the band
  •         Travel expenses
  •         If it is a low or high season for weddings
  •         The number of hours that you want the band to perform
  •         The date of your wedding
  •         The expenses of the band, such as accommodation

It is obviously a highly experienced and professional live band for a wedding will charge higher than one that started recently.  When selecting one, ask if it has extra charges. You do not want to be hit with hidden costs.

If your wedding venue is near the location of a band you are interested in hiring, the costs will be lower.

Book your live wedding Band

If you find a band that you love, book it immediately. But before doing that, ask the musicians if you can come and listen to them perform. Seeing their performance will help you decide if they are a good fit for you or not.

Also, enquire if they can act as master of ceremony.  Do you want your live wedding band to announce your first dance, introduce speech givers, or announce food is ready? If they are willing to do this, this is an added bonus for you.

FAQ on how to choose a great wedding Band

Do not hire any live band for a wedding without doing a little due diligence. Music can make or break a party hence take time to know one. The following questions will help you pick the right one.

How do I decide if a Reception Band is Suitable for my Wedding?

Choosing the right band will ensure that you have a wedding that you will remember for years to come.

You can know if a band will be suitable for your wedding if they will agree to play songs that are important for you, if they will learn songs for you, they are good and experienced performers; they fit your budget, can play different genres of music and are flexible.

Should I hire a live wedding band or a DJ?

Hiring a live band is the best way to excite a crowd, no doubt about this. Live music will energy your friends and family, especially when seeing the performers.  Some bands command attention and will be suitable for couples that are seeking a good show on their special day.

They are fun to watch and experience especially for those people who don’t like dancing.  They also create unforgettable receptions.  Their great performance will be memorable for you and your guests.

They also pack a dance floor. The best wedding band reads the crowd and plays what they want so they can keep the dance floor packed.  It is great for guests who want to dance.

Will the band learn Songs for you? If so, how many?

This is a crucial question to ask when looking for wedding entertainment.  Are bands willing to learn your songs? If they are willing to do this, know the number. Get this information upfront because bands can only learn a specific number.  

How many Musicians are in a Wedding band?

An average wedding band comprises of 4 to 5 musicians.  However, you may get a band with 3, 10, and even 20 people. Hiring a band with more band members will cost more than hiring one with less.

If you want to hear different styles of music, having different members will help achieve this.  A band will always have a guitarist, a male singer, a female singer, a drummer, a bassist, and a keyboard player.

What Services do Wedding Bands Offer?

The main role of a band is to provide live music.  The leader of a band can sometimes serve as the master of the ceremony. This means that he or she will be making announcements such as welcoming the bride and the groom at the wedding, announcing what is happening, etc.

The leader will also announce your first dance, introduce speech givers, and even inform you when food is served.  The wedding band is also expected to bring their own equipment including a sound system.

 Other groups come with projectors, lighting, and even fog machines.

What affects the price of a wedding band?

Pricing varies based on several factors such as the size of a band and the time of the year.  You will get a lower rate when you book during the off-season.  If a group is in demand or popular, it can charge more. Bands can increase their price to reflect on their experience.


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