The Best Destination Weddings: #9 Moroccan Weddings

With such a short flight time from the UK (about 3 hours on a good day!), it’s an increasing number of Brits are choosing Morocco for their destination wedding. With its vibrant atmosphere and warm weather, it’s almost the perfect location for one of the most important days of your life.

If you are thinking about Moroccan weddings, but aren’t sure how much it will cost or what you need to do, our complete guide has you covered.

Planning A Wedding In Morocco

Because Morocco is a Muslim country, it is fairly difficult for two foreigners to legally marry within the country, especially if they aren’t Muslim themselves. If you aren’t of Muslim faith, it’s a nice idea to have the legal wedding ceremony within your own country, and travel to Morocco at a later date to celebrate the union.

If you’re of Muslim faith, it’s worth noting that to be able to get married in Morocco, the British Embassy will need to provide you with 2 documents:

  • the affirmation or affidavit which replaces the capacity to marry
  • a certified copy of your British passport which replaces the certificate of nationality

You also need to understand that, as Morocco is a Muslim country, same sex marriages are neither recognised or carried out within the country. So you should also be especially mindful of this, especially during the month of Ramadan. We would strongly advise against booking a wedding ceremony during this time.

a stunning and colourful Moroccan Weddings venue

Wedding Packages In Morocco

When planning a wedding in Morocco, it’s usually best to hire the skills of an experienced wedding planner within the local area. As there are many strict rules and regulations which need to be adhered to, it’s ideal if you can find a wedding planner who can not only navigate the intricacies of what’s legally required for you to marry, but they’ll also be able to find you the best wedding packages in Morocco too.

If money is tight, wedding packages can start from around £8,000 for more of a basic wedding, up the tens of thousands of pounds for a more lavish wedding. Places such as the Four Seasons Hotel can accommodate weddings for couples with money ready to spend, but there are also really beautiful, traditional wedding venues for those who are trying to keep a handle on the wedding budget. Wedding packages are the more commonly opted for way of having the perfect day, safe in the knowledge that everything is in hand and nothing needs to be worried about.

Wedding Venues in Casablanca, Morocco

Even if you can’t manage to pin down the popular and exclusive Four Seasons Hotel, there’s so many other gorgeous wedding venues in Casablanca, or just a short distance away:

  • Palace Layli
  • Dar Laaziza
  • Ryad AL Hamraa
  • Le Carré d’Or


What Is A Moroccan Wedding Blanket?

Once you’ve had your wedding in Morocco, the Bride may be gifted with a wedding blanket, which is a lovely custom which has survived the years.

Wedding blankets are traditionally hand woven by Berber women in their own homes within the Atlas Mountain region of Morocco. The blankets are often made from neutral cream cotton or wool and are meant to bring blessings and good luck to the marriage, so if you’ve given a wedding blanket on your wedding day, you’ve been gifted a little slice of tradition!