Cheap Wedding Gifts Ideas

If you are attending many weddings, you may start to feel hesitant about buying expensive wedding gifts for each of your family members and friends. However, getting more expensive gifts may not always be the best gift you can give them.

Sometimes the best wedding gifts are just not that expensive but they are something the couple would love to have. Maybe you do want to buy the occasional expensive gift for a family member or close friend but don’t always need to go for the pricey gift options.

A young couple who are maybe living on their own for the first time probably doesn’t have the basic items they need for their kitchen. They may not know what they need in the kitchen so getting them practical gifts would be a great way to get the essentials that they need.

Kitchen utensil wedding gifts are a classic way to get the bride and groom started off on the right foot when it comes to their new home. This is a perfect gift idea for the bride and groom that are outfitting their first home together and just need a few finishing touches.  When shopping for wedding gifts, kitchen utensils can be a great gift idea because they will get used every day. You can find many gifts for the kitchen including spoons, sets of knives, or even a kitchen apron.  The great thing about kitchen utensils is they are relatively cheap and easy to buy.

Cheap Wedding Gifts Ideas

However, the couple’s wishlist can display some other cheap wedding gift ideas. Looking through a couple’s registry may give you the chance to buy a few inexpensive items that you know they would want. Many couples include items in all price ranges and you may find that they are searching for items that are well within your budget.

Wouldn’t need to worry if the couple like the gift as it would come straight from their registry list. Whilst these items may not be the most exciting gifts, they are something that is needed or else the couple wouldn’t have added the item to their registry list.

It is well-known that newlyweds love using candles on a regular basis so a gift of candles in different colours, shapes, sizes and scents can be a cheap and great wedding gift idea. They’ll normally use the candles often for romantic dinners or any other special occasion. For this reason, it would be a great gift option as it would be something that would be used regularly.

If you look around, you may also find cheap picture frames to give as a wedding gift option. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to shop around for picture frames and candles that are on sale and purchase a few of each that you think the couple would love.

If you attend many weddings during the year (obviously hasn’t been possible over the past year), then you may be in a position where several times a year you struggle to find something for the wedding couple. If you have a different range of new picture frames on hand, you can gift the couple a few pictures frames for them to put their happiest picture memories inside them.

handmade Wedding Gifts Ideas

Handmade gifts carry a significant meaning while also bearing personal sentiment. It may be a time to consider your creative talents if time is not an issue for you.

Are you an amazing woodworker? Maybe you could create a small stool, bench, cabinet, shadowbox or another useful item that the couple could enjoy together in their new home. You could etch in the wood a personal message and their wedding date to the newlywed couple, along with your signature or initials to show them how much you care!

Another clever idea: Embroider a set of bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes with their initials or last name to produce a useful and meaningful gift. If your creative skills are more on the domestic side then you could consider cross-stitching, knitting or crocheting a set of pillows or blanket for them. Additionally, you could embroider their initials or last name on a set of hand towels, washcloths and bath towels to create a meaningful gift.

If you’re not really a crafty person then you also have the option of putting together a themed gift basket that could include such items as a bottle of wine, bubble bath, aromatherapy candles, musical selections etc. The other themes that could be created are a romantic dinner theme, a vacation get-away theme and many other individually tailored gifts. Let your imagination run wild!

Budget Wedding Favours Ideas

If you are on the receiving end of all the gifts – congratulations! To follow are some ideas to help you choose your wedding favours…. scented candles that are inscribed with your wedding details serve two purposes; they serve as something for your guests to remember your wedding day and they are a useful item that they can enjoy at home.

Make sure that you coordinate the colours to the theme of your wedding or vary them to add some colour to the chosen decorations. Talk to your partner and choose a scent to be linked with your memories. The guests would be reminded of you every time they light the candle and smell its fragrance.

If you’re having a winter wedding, you could consider inscribing a crystal or porcelain bell, Christmas ornament, or dove to signify your beautiful marriage.

There are countless options if you’re operating on a lower budget, ranging from bookmakers and magnets to bubbles and chocolates. Using your imagination is key to getting the perfect gift for your special day. The Internet is extremely handy when it comes to searching for any creative ideas for literally anything. We even heard of a company offering personalized candy conversation hearts for sale to engaged couples!

If you’re looking for an alternative gift for the guests, then the option to donate money to a special charity gives a great opportunity to give a gift of greater significance. This could be a charity close to your heart especially if a key member of the wedding party cannot be there on your special day.

There are so many wedding favours options to give to your guests but you’ll always have to remember that you and your significant other are truly special to all your guests regardless of whatever you send home with them.


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