How to personalise your wedding ring

Your wedding band is special for many reasons, a symbol of your marriage, union and commitment worn on your ring finger. Usually made from a precious metal, there are many ways to personalise your wedding ring. We asked Tom from Otterly Yours, the experts in handmade personalised jewellery, what was the most popular in 2021.

Laser Engraving

Using sophisticated machinery offers the option of intricate laser engraving to create a unique design or personalised message. “The possibilities are endless”, said Tom, “with this technology anything that means something to you as a couple is possible”. Here are some examples:

  1. The wedding date

You can inscribe the date of the wedding inside the ring, handy to ensure you never forget your anniversary but also to identify it if ever lost. This could be in roman numerals or as numbers.

using song soundwaves to personalise a wedding ring

  1. Your favourite song lyric

Perhaps you already know the song of your first dance, or another that is meaningful to you as a couple from your wedding day or prior. You can choose to have a line each to complete it, or both the same.

Tom says:

“Our Sound Wave ring is an extremely popular way to personalise your wedding ring. Instead of the lyrics, you can have the actual soundwave of the song engraved in the ring. So even if the song is not one you shout about, only you will know what it represents to illustrate your commitment.”

  1. A quote, poetry or wedding vow.

This practice actually dates back to the middle ages where couples had lines of poetry inscribed. Any quote or line from poetry may be the perfect unique personalisation. This could be a little saying you have for each other like “I love you to the moon and back”, or a meaningful quote from Shakespeare.

Tom says:

“Be aware that space will always be limited for this, depending on the ring size. A good idea for longer quotes is to engrave them over the two rings to show how you complete each other.”

  1. Patterns, Shapes or animals

The world is your oyster here, especially if you have a shared interest that you bond over or a nickname you secretly call each other. Be it the movie from your first date, or animals associated with love like Lobsters or Turtle Doves. Secret symbolism could be the ultimate way to personalise your wedding ring.

Tom says:

“Of course lobsters are really popular, as well as our dinosaur rings, but we can also offer bespoke designs. We did some manta ray rings for a couple a little while back which were really meaningful to them. I absolutely loved creating that design, and would like to do more different animals!”

  1. Finger print or heart beat

There is nothing more unique than a fingerprint, and if you always want to be together you can consider having each others fingerprints or even heart beats inside the rings. The beating heart is the epitome of love, embodying how your lives are now intertwined.

Tom says:

“We have a really cool inkless fingerprint kit that we send out to finger print ring customers. This ensures an accurate print every time.”

  1. Location

To make it special you could throwback to your first date or even the location of the proposal for a unique personalisation with either co-ordinates or a skyline silhouette.

Personalise your wedding ring engraved message example
Personalise your wedding ring with an engraved message

Bespoke or Shaped

A bespoke wedding ring is when the item is not off the shelf so can be a completely unique design or even a combination of ideas for that complete perfection. This could be perfect if you want to copy the ring of a beloved family member or celebrity.

Companies such as Wedding Rings Direct offer a fully bespoke service which includes designing and creating the ring for you. Most popular is a shaped wedding ring is designed to fit around your engagement ring. Many women choose the same metal and also put Diamonds in to complete the appearance. These are custom built to ensure the perfect fit.

Finish and Metal

With more choices than ever of types of metal available, your customisation may be based on your choice of metal (or even two with an inlay). Also, there is a range of possibilities when it comes to the finish of the wedding ring:

  • Florentine
  • Hammered
  • Matte
  • Pebbled
  • Polished
  • Sandblasted
  • Satin
  • Wire Brushed