Which wedding ring metal is best?

wedding ring metal

There are varied types of wedding rings, which can be made from metal, wood, silicone, etc. They are either plain or jewel set, and women’s rings can be shaped to fit the engagement ring on the finger. Men’s wedding rings are commonly plain, which makes them a lot cheaper than diamond set. Ultimately the key element is the wedding ring metal, and choosing the perfect diamond ring is another matter.

Ultimately shopping for the perfect wedding rings comes down to budget. How much you should spend on a marriage ring is completely down to what is affordable. But if you are having a diamond set, not all metals are durable enough to hold the jewel securely.
It is very important to note that metal prices fluctuate, and change twice a day. While this is not commonly reflected with prices at jewellers, rising metal prices will increase the costs as and when price checks are done. For example, Gold and Silver prices are currently increasing day by day and at record highs.

This article will look at the best wedding ring metals on the market. We explore them and their features in some detail. This is intended to be informational to help you choose the right wedding rings for your big day, and you may find it useful to consult our wedding ring buyers guide.

Gold wedding rings

White Gold

White gold has been around since the rolling 20s. Its charm is in the subtly with which it can be worn. It does not have that eye-catching effect that you will see with yellow gold. To achieve this look, and do away with the natural yellow colour of gold, it is mixed with either palladium, nickel, or magnesium. 

Melting Point: 943 °C.
Is it Resizable: Yes
Price Range: £££££

Pink Gold

Pink gold is somewhat overshadowed by rose gold, which is the more common of the two. It is an alloy made of a combination of gold, silver and copper. They appear in this alloy at ratios, 7.5:2:0.5, gold, copper and silver respectively. The pink colour comes from copper. Silver gives it a lighter appearance. 

Melting Point: 935°C.
Is it Resizable: Yes
Price Range: ££££

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the most common form of this metal. You will often find it mixed with a bit of copper and silver in rings. While other alloys have come onto the market, this one has remain sought after. It is a durable one that requires minimal maintenance.  

Melting Point: 927 °C.
Is it Resizable: Yes
Price Range: ££££

Rose Gold

Rose gold is made out of a combination of gold, copper, and silver. The silver has the smallest ratio in this alloy. It is a metal that was brought to the forefront by famous jeweller Louis Cartier in the 1920s. What has endeared it to so many is the way it blends in with various shades of skin tone. 
It is a highly sensitive metal that requires great care to maintain it. 

Melting Point: 902 °C.
Is it Resizable: Yes
Price Range: ££££

Other Metals used in Wedding Rings


Platinum is one of the most resistant ring metals on the market. This is a characteristic that is reflected in its price. Due to this status, it is often the choicer metal among the wealthy. As such, it does not usually come mixed with other metals to form an alloy. It will usually be of 95% purity. In most cases, the weight of platinum will mean that it is used in more men’s rings that in women’s.

Melting Point: 1768 °C.
Is it Resizable: Yes
Price Range: £££££

Platinum solitaire diamond ring


It is a scratch-resistant wedding ring metal that is harder than gold and platinum. In fact, it has a hardness rating of 6/10. For the sake of context, gold is 2.5-4/10, and platinum is 6.0/10. Most titanium rings are actually alloys that include vanadium and aluminium. 
The key selling points are that it is lightweight and scratch-resistant. You are also assured of longevity due to its shatterproof nature. 

Melting Point: 1668 °C.
Is it Resizable: No
Price Range: ££


Palladium is commonly combined with ruthenium at a ratio of 9.5:0.5, to palladium. You will also find some rings with 50% palladium. The hallmark denotes this. A ring with a 500 hallmark has 50% palladium. The one with 95% palladium will have a 950 hallmark. It is known to be sturdy and durable
To the untrained eye, it may be mistaken for platinum. This is what made it attractive for many who did not have the budget to purchase platinum. Although due to this popularity, 2020 has seen the metal reach record price which actually has put cost double that of platinum.

Melting Point: 1555 °C.
Is it Resizable: Yes
Price Range: ££

Stainless Steel

Stainless ring metal is an alloy of iron, carbon and other metals. It often has a generous amount of chromium. The chromium is responsible for preserving the look of this metal. It makes it more resistant to rusting or tarnishing due to harsh elements. What makes it incredibly popular among most people is that it is resistant to corrosion.
The bulkier nature of this metal makes it more commonly used in men’s wedding rings. Besides the simplicity of its look, it is also an affordable option. 

Melting Point: 1370 °C.
Is it Resizable: Yes
Price Range: ££

Black Zirconium

Fancy titanium but haven’t got the budget for it? Here’s a metal that is a sister metal to titanium. Black Zirconium is a result of the oxidation of zirconium. The zirconium is made by using chlorine to purify zircon. It is blackened by heating it. The colour comes from the formation of a zirconium oxide layer. One of the reasons why this wedding ring metal is so popular is that it is suitable for those that have allergy issues when using other metals. 
Besides the affordable price point at which this metal comes, it is also sought after for its durability. It is resistant to shattering, so is a lot more than just a black wedding ring.

Melting Point: 2715 °C.
Is it Resizable: No
Price Range: £

Wedding Ring Metal – Conclusion

There are many ways that you can approach picking out your wedding ring metal. We have covered a wide range of them. Their features and critical properties are worth taking into consideration. Perhaps the vital place to start is by finding out if you have any allergies that may restrict your options. 

Once this is out of the way, consider the sort of look that you like. It may be a matter of looking at the colours of several rings to see if anything tickles your fancy. When it comes to colour, your skin tone might play a role in the decisionmaking. Most people would like a ring that matches their skin tone. 

Pricing should also be considered. It will play a part in determining which one you will end up with. There are various purchasing plans on offer from jewellers. Knowing the price point will also give you some time to save up the money or factor it into your wedding budget

If we had to settle for one, with current prices it would be platinum. We have put the most significant emphasis on value, durability and aesthetics. Seeing as you will be wearing this for a long time, it ought to look good and last long. 


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