The Best Destination Weddings: #4 France Weddings

Destination weddings in Europe are growing in popularity. In our Destination Wedding Series, we have already seen the allures of a wedding in Italy and Cyprus, but now it’s time to talk about weddings in France.

Destination Wedding In France

France takes the number 4 spot on our countdown of the best destination wedding locations and it’s unsurprising why. The irresistible wine, food, and breathtaking views combined with the dream of getting married in a chateau garden like Dick and Angel Strawberry is enough for us.

But if you are planning your destination wedding in France, there are some details you should know before you book your trip.

How Much Is A Wedding In France?

The overall cost of your wedding depends on the size of the venue, location, and the number of guests, much like it does in the UK. About 60% of the total cost of the wedding goes to paying for the location and catering.

When planning your wedding in France, remember that venues are more expensive in cities compared to the countryside. If you want a rustic venue in the countryside, it will cost 2000-3000€. A French castle or chateau will cost anywhere between 3000-7000€.

You also need to consider how many guests are coming to your wedding. The cost of catering depends on this number. For example, having wine at the reception will cost additional 400-1400€ for a medium size wedding.

What Does A Traditional Wedding Look Like In France?

A typical traditional French wedding lasts all day. It starts with a civil ceremony in the morning, followed by a religious ceremony in the evening. After both of these ceremonies, a small cocktail reception is organized that has a 4 or 5-course meal, followed by a party with lots of wine and dancing.

In other European weddings, couples traditionally cut the cake at the end of the ceremony and celebrate this beautiful occasion, but in France, a different kind of cake is served that is made with macarons, called ‘Croquembouche’.

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding In France?

The weather in France can be similar to the UK in Winter and Autumn, which means summer weddings are most popular. Depending on where in France you are having your wedding, temperatures could be above 30oC so you should dress for the occasion.

Light and flowy dresses are best to wear in Summer Weddings. A white wedding dress with lace or a Boho wedding dress with proper accessories is one of the most popular choices, combing style, and functionality. As a guest at a French summer wedding, consider pastels and neutral colours to help keep you cool.

Can You Get Insurance For A Wedding In France?

Yes, you can get wedding insurance for a destination wedding in France.

Wedding Insurance is an insurance policy that covers all the wedding expenses and provides financial protection in case of any misfortune and mishap. This insurance gives protection against a range of misfortune events.

These insurances are relatively inexpensive and cost around 70-300£ depending on the cost of your wedding, but it will add a layer of security in case of things like:

  • Severe weather
  • Illness or injury
  • A missing officiant
  • Missing vendor
  • Location

Are You Allowed To Have A Beach Wedding In France?

Yes, you can get married on a beach in France. Beach locations are picturesque and are the most popular choice for destination weddings.

There are lots of beautiful beach locations in France where you can organize your wedding as well as stay over for your honeymoon.

  • Chateau Mader
  • Grand Hotel Cap Ferrat
  • Blue Beach in Nice
  • The White House in Cannes

Can You Have A Wedding In France But Be Legally Married Where You Live?

If you are planning to have a religious or secular wedding ceremony in France, you must be legally married in your home country. Civil ceremonies that are performed in France, are internationally recognized and legally binding. If a foreigner marries any French citizen and plans to live and stay in France, you have to apply for a ‘long stay visitor’ visa that will be changed into a residency card after marriage.

The Best Destination Weddings: #4 France Weddings

How To Plan A Wedding In France?

Whether you are going to plan your wedding on your own in France or hire any wedding planner, there are 4 important things that every couple must decide beforehand as you start preparing for your wedding in France.

1.   Wedding Budget

France isn’t the cheapest country to get married, so make sure you have decided on your budget and stil to it. If you are on a tight budget, keep an open mind and be flexible with the date and season.

Pro tip: always keep some backup money aside.

2.   Wedding Weather

Before you book your wedding in France, think about the typical weather for that season, month, and location. The weather can be very unpredictable in France, and it does rain even in the summer months. Some locations, like the South of France are typically warmer and dryer, but make sure you check before you book.

To avoid any kind of fiasco on the main day, you should have a ‘Back Up Plan. Try to choose a venue that can accommodate guests inside the building at the last minute if necessary. Of, if there is no building nearby, look at the options of setting up a marquee on the grounds or terrace. This might be especially useful if you have chosen the Western and Northern parts of France for your wedding.

3.   Guest Experience

Remember that many of your guests will have traveled from other countries to join you on your wedding day. So try to make them feel welcome and at home by facilitating their travel, providing information about the route, and providing a list of places to stay near the wedding venue. You could also give your guests some information about local amenities and activities to keep them busy before or after the wedding. This will likely be a holiday to them so try to provide them with ways and means of enjoying it.

4.   The Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to look best on her wedding day. For a destination wedding, the bride has additional factors to think about like her dress, hair, and makeup. It’s not likely that the bride can make frequent trips to France to use a wedding designer or dress fitter, so choose a dress in the UK and arrange appropriate luggage means to transport it to France. For hair and makeup, you might need to do some research to find a makeup artist and hairdresser in France. Or you might be lucky enough to have a friend or relative who is coming to the wedding who can do your hair and/or make-up for you.

Pro tip: don’t forget to think about the location, weather, and temperature when choosing your dress style, hair, and makeup.

Destination Weddings

If you want to read more tips and information about planning your perfect destination wedding in France or anywhere in Europe, read our guide to the best destination weddings.


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