How to choose a wedding ring : 7 essential tips

Choosing the right wedding ring or wedding band has to be one of the most stressful tasks that even exist on this earth. I mean unlike regular fashion jewellery you know you can change it, but with a wedding band, it’s a whole new story. It’s a long-term decision, one that symbolises your love and commitment. It’s no wonder people want guidance on how to choose a wedding ring.

So you’re probably here because you’re about to choose that wedding band, but you don’t know where to start. Well just read through this guide on how to choose a wedding ring to help you understand the terminology used.

What is the difference between a wedding ring and a wedding band?

Wedding bands are just a type of wedding ring; plain and without gemstones. A wedding ring can be any style, including those with gemstones inlaid. So they are not exactly the same, as Wedding Bands would not have diamonds. Both commitment bands are the symbol of marriage, regardless of metal or cost.

How much should you spend on a wedding ring?

It all depends on your budget. There is no set rule on what to spend on a wedding ring, just remember this is worn constantly as a reminder of your marriage, commitment and fidelity. Wedding ring price is largely influenced by metal choice, and if any precious stones.

The average spend on an engagement ring in the UK last year was £2000 – £3000 but Wedding rings are a lot cheaper if you choose a plain wedding band. Often the women’s wedding ring is shaped to fit the engagement ring and will likely be of the same metal. Diamonds are optional.

Which wedding ring is best?

There are many options that can be overwhelming, so remember the best wedding ring is one that you and your fiance are going to love. It’s that ring that will last you a lifetime without breaking or rusting. Rings made from resistant metals are usually the best in such cases. 

For the best wedding ring, you need to consider what is important. Budget and durability are top of most peoples list. Having a shaped wedding ring that fits around the engagement ring is also key for a lot of women.

How to choose a wedding ring
Wedding Ring Samples

Top Tips when choosing a wedding ring

1. Start shopping early

It’s best to start looking for a ring early so that you find what you want and what you need as early as possible and move on to other things. You already know that planning for a wedding is already stressful enough, don’t wait until the last minute to buy your wedding rings

This will allow you to get a head start, and some companies offer wedding ring sample services that you really should consider if you are having trouble deciding what ring to buy. You can order multiple styles and get a feel for trying things out. This is growing in popularity due to convenience, and became the best way to shop for wedding rings during the lockdown. 

2. Have a Budget

You may also want to create a budget, but just remember that the wedding ring is your constant reminder of the day so worth any extra expense. Metal prices vary which can push prices up, so it’s worth researching. Also, plain bands will be a lot cheaper without diamonds or jewels.

Wedding rings and bands have different prices ranges, with cheap wedding rings retailing at £200 and above. Ring prices are dictated by metal price, width, weight and finish. 

3. Know the metal you want

This key point is an essential part of how to choose a wedding ring, so is worthy of research so worth reading our detailed guide. You should at least have a rough idea of precisely what metal and finish you want when you buy.

There is platinum, titanium, palladium, steel, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or mixed metals. Right now there is huge value in the platinum price which can’t be ignored due to its durability.

4. Coordinate with Your Fiancé

You can buy wedding ring sets with matching rings which have gained popularity recently. and bands come in matching sets. So you can find a pair for you and your fiance: the same metal and the same design. Of course, they won’t look exactly alike, but they will match well in metal colour and finish. 

You can discuss with your fiance on what types of rings you want to go for. The style they prefer and you compromise until you get to a decision. That way you’ll both be on the same page when you go shopping. 

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5. Plan for the future

Unlike regular jewellery, wedding rings have a timeless fashion quality. It’s a lifetime purchase of a luxury item that doesn’t change the style.

When shopping for wedding bands, you may want to avoid designs that are fashionable and trendy and go for something a little bit classic. Something that you know doesn’t have to match with the trend. 

This might help avoid spending more money in the future. A classic ring can never lose its grip and for a wedding band or ring. The traditional style might be the best option. 

6. Bespoke

Customised wedding bands are an option for people who want to design something truly extraordinary and specific to their personal tastes. These are off the shelf items where a wedding ring designer can make your ideas reality.

If you want something that means something for you and your fiance then going custom could be an option here. Bespoke rings are truly unique and one of a kind wedding ring that you have always dreamed about. 

Professional Jewellers should have a bespoke wedding ring department who can create a ring from your design. In addition, laser engraving machines can etch meaningful wording or images into rings, which is a cheaper way to personalise your jewellery.

7. Know Your Warranty Options

Now on the final tip. Before you make that final purchase, you have to keep in mind the kind of warranty that comes with the purchase of the rings. You have to know precisely what is covered which may include lifetime aftercare.

It’s important to know what kind of warranty comes, for example, does the jeweller offer free cleanings and resizing? Will the ring be covered in case the stone falls out or will you need to add it to your house insurance?

You have to be sure that you can go back in case something terrible happens. It is always best to ask the jeweller questions relating to your ring. You also have to be sure if they are the best for you.

How to choose your wedding ring conclusion

It may seem overwhelming at first due to the range of options available but we are here to help you choose a wedding ring. This is a big purchase and may require research to get it right. We have the following further guides to ensure you are informed as possible:



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